Monday, August 27, 2012

Orange Marmalade

**Disclaimer - this post is much like my feelings on this polish.  Scattered across the board.  So I apologize if I jump around and my paragraphs make no sense.**

Orange, neon, sheer, jelly, shimmer.  These are the words that best describe Princess Polish Orange Marmalade.  When I put it on last night I wasn't really feeling it.  It seemed too neon and sheer for my taste.  But looking at my pictures of it out in the sunlight I think it's really quite pretty.  

I used 3-4 coats of OM but because it is a jelly it never built up to opaqueness.  It went on very light and kind of streaky with the first coat but it did even out with the second coat.  I did a third coat because the second was still so sheer it was almost like having nothing on my nails.  OM dried to a rubery matte finish that glossed up nicely when I used my topcoat.  

I've had a love/hate relationship with this OM today.  At times I catch a glimpse of it and think it's too bright.  In direct sunlight it's a creamy orange almost like a creamsicle color and I like that.  Alas, before 24 hours I am getting quite a few chips.  Dislike.  ):

Do you have any Princess Polishes?  Which ones?  How do you like those compared to Orange Marmalade?  

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