Friday, August 24, 2012

Look Around + Eager Eyes

I'm sure you have heard of Dandy Nails by now - and if not are you living under a rock?!  Teasing.  Sandy, the creator, spends lots of time perfecting each formula and making sure the product is of A+ quality.  I have reviewed Wonderwall here and I loved that polish.  Today I have 2 more to share and they equally stunning!  

Look Around is a soft green polish full of gorgeous holo micro glitter.  This baby really sparkles in the sunlight.  It even sparkles quite a bit indoors!  It's hard to explain the effect - almost like the holo particles give the polish a frosted look, as if they are floating on top of the polish when in fact they are mixed in.  I used 2 coats and got great coverage.   No application errors what so ever.  

Eager Eyes is one of Dandy Nails newest releases.  It's basically the blue brother of Look Around.  Same great formula, same beautiful holo particles.  But the base is a beautiful soft cornflower blue.  2 coats of the Eager Eyes and I had the same results, wonderful formula, great coverage.  No streaking, dragging, bald spots.  Very quick dry time and 1 layer of topcoat for totally smooth, glittery, holo-y goodness. 

I really hope Sandy puts out a purple or pink version of this polish because it would make amazing skittles!  Can you imagine?  You can follow Dandy Nail on Facebook or shop her esty page when it is open.  

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