Thursday, August 30, 2012

Canadian Star

Nicole By OPI usually gets a bad wrap.  The number one complaint is that gosh-darn awkward bottle shape!  How is any photographer or blogger supposed to hold that bottle?  It is not ergonomically correct and makes your fingers look all wonky.  My own personal complaint is that I expect a branch off brand of OPI to be cheaper than OPI, but these babies are like $7 at Target!  What gives?

I have a lovely friend who found a set of NOPI at Marshalls (or TJMaxx - same difference, no?) for a much better price.  And it had this lovely blue-purple duo-glitter/shimmer in it. I like it alot (say it like Lloyd Christmas).  Thanks Sarah!!  Canadian Star is too sheer on it's own - after trying 3 coats I decided it needed undies.  I picked Butter London Marrow since it was pretty much the only purple creme (thought the bottle shows shimmer) I could find in my stash.   I used 1-2 coats of Marrow and then 1 coat of Canadian Star.  

What can I saw but wow!  It's gorgeous!  CS changes from purple to fuchsia and blue.  The glitter/shimmer is fantastic!  So super duper sparkly; fuschia and teal are the prominent colors.  The formula though sheer, went on like perfection with a smooth, even formula.  1 layer of topcoat and this baby is ready for a party!  Woot!!  My frozen wine cooler mix is in the freezer so I'll enjoy a slushy adult beverage while looking at my nails tonight once all the littles are asleep. 

I tried to take more pictures than usual to capture some of the duo goodness.  I failed miserably, no fuschia to be seen.  Hope you enjoy looking at them anyways - and sorry for the drag spot on my middle finger…I was impatient and gave it zero dry time between coats, no fault shall be laid on the polish.   

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