Thursday, July 12, 2012


ALOHA!!  Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about.  Dior, I'm still new to you but you haven't let me down yet!  As you know I've been in a funk.  I haven't been liking anything I put on my nails.  Why did I wait so long to put on another Dior?  My savior.  I am feeling back to happy.  

Aloha came in a set, the polish and a topcoat.  $26, that's a pretty damn cheap topcoat coming from Dior.  Aloha is perfect.  A bright true, orange - ever so slightly reddish in tone when in the shade or indoor lighting.  I would say on the Crayola scale it is Outrageous Orange.  It went on like a dream in 2 coats.  So smooth and even.  There was the slightest hint of VNL but I don't care, it's still beautiful.  I used the supplied topcoat and it dried uber fast.  And thank goodness for that because I had to change a diaper almost immediately after putting Aloha on.  I love that the bottle is also tinted to match the polish, just a fun little extra that makes me love it more.  

Aloha came out summer 2011 in the Dior's Electric Tropics Collection.  There were 2 polishes, Aloha and Paradise.  I've been on the hunt for Paradise and actually had a friend find it for me!  I can't wait for it to arrive to try it on!  I'm sure it will be as amazing as Aloha.


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