Thursday, July 26, 2012

Poco A Poco

Poco A Poco is my first Rescue Beauty Lounge polish.  It's not a new collection, but it's new to me.  It's from the RBL L'Oiseau de Feu collection which debuted in Fall 2011.  

PAP is a dusty rose polish with a red shimmer.  Some of you probably think dusty rose is a color for an older woman, but I think it's really beautiful.  The red shimmer makes it glow and not only inthe sunlight.  You can see it beauty indoors as well.  It's one of those perfect colors to wear to work, or when you want to have a more subdued look.  It is almost a pink-nude against my skin tone.

I've heard mixed reviews on RBL's and I guess I will throw in my opinion.  I didn't like the brush, it was really skinny and didn't pick up much polish.  The formula was a bit on the thick side.  So between the brush and the formula I had to "double dip" to get one coat on each nail.  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  I probably should have used 3 but didn't want my nails to feel heavy.  I also noticed tip wear relatively quickly, but it was likely my quick paint job.  I usually have very limited time to get my nails done with 3 littles running around.   The sun didn't want to come out and play this morning, so the pictures are a bit dark - you can see the shimmer in a few though.

Regardless, PAP is very beautiful and it wasn't so difficult to work with that I wouldn't wear it again.  It also won't deter me from trying other colors from this brand.  I have Jack at home and am waiting for Piu Mosso (also from the L'Oiseau) to make it's re-debut in the RBL Bring It Back program this November.  Yay!  Do you own any RBL's?  What do you think of them?  Which is your favorite?

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