Saturday, July 21, 2012

Girls Night & Operation Save the Polish

A few nights ago I had some girlfriends over.  We gossiped, snacked, drank, painted nails, attempted to watch a movie. My friend Erin had a difficult time picking out polish from my ever-growing stash.  Fortunatley I only brought out my containers of untrieds so that cut her choices in half.  She selected Spoiled Distant Memory and topped it off with Hits Apolo.  Pretty awesome combo, right?!  And look how great she did on her nails!  She totally needs to come to the dark side and join the polish cult, I mean community.  

Then there was a mishap.  Little Miss Naomi decided she didn't want to miss the girl-time so she stayed up well past her bed time.  She was having a ball digging through my polish and then, crack….one snapped right at thte neck.  My friends and I sat and stared as the polish started to leak on the carpet and form a pool.  Fortunatley it was a clean break so no glass, but I had to think and move fast (as much as possible after a few strong drinks).  I soaked up the polish and found a bottle of top coat that I hated and had put aside for the Zoya Earth Day promo - but never did.  I emptied and cleaned it out, then decanted the salvaged polish into it's new home.  Fortunatley it was just a bottle of China Glaze Lasso My Heart (and I can get another if I want to).  But here are the pictures of the adventure.  

Out damned spot!

broken Lasso My Heart

filling the empty OPI top coat bottle

just about full

Lasso My Heart in it's new home

And here's my little terrorizing my boxes of nail polish

The boxes make for a fun climbing obstacle course

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