Wednesday, May 7, 2014

a-England Ballerina Collection

Good evening!  As you guessed I am dropping this post real quick while I cook dinner, bathe my kids and get myself ready to go out to a beauty event with my bestie.  The life of a wife/mom/bff/polish fanatic is sure busy, but I have so much fun doing everything (except having to talk to teachers at school - that's hardly ever fun).  Well I had a 3 of these beautiful a-England Ballerina's but for some reason couldn't bring myself to wear them until I had the 4th.  Thankfully Michelle at Ehmkay Nails put me out of my misery and sent me the 4th one for my birthday!  She's just awesome like that.  So I have these amazing holos to show you today and even did a couple pics with 1 on each finger so you can see them together.  Let's jump on in and look!

Up first is Fonteyn, "a soft silver holographic hue bearing a lavender tint."  Fonteyn is so lovely.  I love the almost matte-holo look that it has.  The formula was amazing and applied like butter.  I had complete coverage in 2 coats.  I think Fonteyn had the most holo flame of all the Ballerina's.  Fonteyn also dried quickly so this could be an option if you are running out the door and need some polish!  I did not use topcoat.  

This is Encore Margot.  Encore Margot is an "icy blue prismatic hue" that really shows off that tight scattered holo effect.  Again, that metallic-matte holo look is very strong here.  The formula and application were both the highest quality (as were all the other Ballerinas in this collection).  I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat.

Her Rose Adagio is a created to look like "faded roses in a silver prismatic base."  As Adina says, Her Rose Adagio is truly a "romantic" shade.  We see the metallic, matte holo finish here again and it is so pretty with this color.  Formula and application were both amazing again.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and no topcoat

Dancing With Nureyev is my favorite of the Ballerina collection.  It is an amazing "violet-blue shade" that is just the perfect tone that isn't too light or dark and has a beautiful tight scattered holo effect.  The formula and application of Dancing With Nureyev were both fantabulous.  I had perfect coverage in 2 coats and no topcoat.

 Here I've got all 4 of the Ballerina polishes on my hand together.  I did this mostly because Fonteyn and Encore Margot are pretty close in their bottles.  But here you can see that Fonteyn clearly leans more purple while Encore Margot is more blue (almost a minty blue).  Index to pinky:  Encore Margot, Fonteyn, Her Rose Adagio, Dancing with Nureyev.  2 coat of each color and no topcoat.

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  1. Wow these are just amazing! I love holographic polishes too so this is right up my alley.

  2. These are such beautiful polishes. My Rose Adagio has been a lemming for me for months now - I should just get it! Thank you for the lovely swatches and fabulous photos.

  3. i love these! Still have one or two in my untrieds! need to change that though!

  4. These are so stunning! Gorgeous pics!

  5. I adore this collection, and your swatches are beautiful!

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