Friday, June 21, 2019

Stella Chroma, The Basics Collection - Classic Red & Hey Sailor

Afternoon guys!  I'm back with a second Stella Chroma post to share today.  Because not only is Stella Chroma laughing the American Muscle Collection (post HERE), but there are new shades being added to The Basics Collection!  Yay!  The initial colors for The Basics Collection were High Noon and New Moon (black and white).  Now we have Classic Red and Hey Sailor (red and navy).  Guys!  The timing on these colors couldn't be better.  They are going to make a killer 4th of July mani!  I am currently working on something fun using both of these and New Moon.  You will be able to purchase these starting 6/21 at noon EST as a set for $18.  The discounted price will only be available from 6/21 - 7/5.  After the it will be full prices.  And you can save 15% using my code MNPO!  Let's see the polish!

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Stella Chroma, American Muscle Collection

Good morning and happy Friday.  I have survived my first week of Summer with 4 kids, mostly unscathed.  2 have camp next week so that's going to be a nice break.  But this week hasn't given me much time to write up posts or share them.  I'm getting this one done just in time for the launch!  Stella Chroma has 2 sets coming out today (6/21) at noon EST.  This one is the American Muscle Collection.  Inspired by American muscle cars, actually only the pretty muscle cars, that you see at Classic Car shows or on the auction program on TV.  Because there really is nothing better than a vibrant, beautiful, classic car!  You can pick the 4-piece American Muscle set up at the discounted price of $37 from 6/21 - 7/5.  After that the set will be gone and as will be discount.  Don't forget you can use my code as well for a little extra, MNPO for 15$ off.  Let's check out the cars, I mean polish! 

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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The Makers Dozen, June 2019: Alter Ego - Island Hopping

Evening friends!  If you haven't heard, there's a new makers group on the scene, The Makers Dozen.  It's got 13 makers that are assigned to a specific theme.  Right now the theme is vacation Destinations, so each month the makers will cycle through a rainbow of colors inspired by the theme.  The great thing is you can purchase these polishes for the entire month or until the limited 40 bottles sell out.  I have Alter Ego's first polish for the Makers Dozen, Cynthia was assigned the color white.  She came up with a beautiful polish called Island Hopping.  You can pick it up for $10.  And you can still use my code My Nail Polish Obsession to save 20%!

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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Zoya; Barefoot Collection, Summer 2019 - Part 2

Afternoon!  Hopefully you are out having a nice celebration with the Dads in your life.  It has been a gorgeous day and we enjoyed it outside at a yummy Sicilian restaurant then walked around an outside mall for some shopping.  Overall it's been a fantastic day.  I'm petty much caught up on things I have here to swatch so I'm going to spend time sharing posts!  Today I have the second half of the Zoya Barefoot Collection.  I share the first half HERE if you want to go back and look at those. The LE Barefoot Summer Box is all 12 polishes, 12 wide brushes, 2 lipsticks and a big flipper remover bottle for $89.95!  Or you can get Sampler A or Sampler B for $60 each.  Or you can get them individually for $10 each.  Let's jump in to the post. 

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Alter Ego: June 2019 Group Custom - Stone By Day, Warrior By Night

Afternoon!  Oh, and happy Friday!  I've spent the last couple days working on unpacking the remaining boxes from our remodel.  Hopefully we can get the last of the holiday decorations and furniture items out of the POD in our driveway.  It's just such a taxing job finding places for those things!  Anyways, I just finished watching the England/Argentina game and the baby is asleep so I'm sitting here and thought, I might as well share a post!  Today I have the Alter Ego fan group custom for June.  This one is a true beauty, I love the look of it!  You can purchase Stone By Day, Warrior By Night through this month for $10 (17ml bottle).  And of course, you can save 20% using my code: My Nail Polish Obsession.  Let's jump in to the post. 

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fit Snack Box: May 2019

Evening!  Today was my kids last day of school.  Bittersweet.  Some tears and lots of hugs.  They won't be returning to this elementary next year and they were feeling extra emotional saying goodbye to friends and teachers.  I'll admit I shed a few tears also, we have been there for a decade.  Consoling my kids got  me thirsty and hungry so I felt it was a great time to try out all the items in my Fit Snack box.  This box is available until 6/15 and as always, you can save 30% off your first box by following my link HERE!  

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Lollipop Posse Lacquer; Small Batch & Orange You Glad To Be Here Group June 2019 Custom

Afternoon dears!  How are you managing this heat wave?  I'm in NorCal and it's been been 100 plus for the last 2 days.  I am melting and sticky and just gross.  I hope the weather cools off before Saturday when I have another race to be at.  I also have LOTS of posts to share with you for the remainder of this week so I might double up on a few days.  Right now I have some beautiful Small Batch shades and the Orange You Glad To Be Here group custom for June.  There are 5 Small Batch shades and I have Seriously Fudged Up and Falling From the Sky to share.  I also have the Orange You Glad To Be Here group custom for June, called Metaphorical Gin & Juice.  They will all be available 6/15 at 9pm EDT.  Let's jump in and check out all the sparkly things!

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

KBShimmer; Seas the Day Collection, Summer 2019

Good morning, happy Sunday!  Hope you got to sleep in and maybe get out for a yummy breakfast or brunch!  Once you're done with pancakes and OJ I have a new collection for you to enjoy!  KBShimmer knocked it out of the park with this one - though I might be slightly biased because I have always liked the pastel-neons for the Summer.  These are super amazing with fantastic formula.  I even did some comparisons for you (yay me!).  This is the Seas the Day collection.  There are 7 pastel neons and 3 UCC flakie toppers.  They'll be available 6/14 and they're $10 each.  All I have to say is good luck picking a favorite!  Let's check them out.

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