Thursday, December 31, 2015

Round Up: My Nail Polish Obsession Favorites from 2015

Hello and happy last day of 2015!  I can't believe how quickly another year has flown by.  Did you accomplish all the resolutions you made for yourself?  Will you be making new resolutions this year? I personally don't make resolutions for the New Year because I feel that changes and goals should be made all year long, not just at the start of the year.  But if someone was twisting my arm I could list a few off of you.  So let's see...

1. Practice patience 
2. Run at least 6 half marathons 
3.  Don't take on more than I can handle (i.e. it's ok to say no)
4. Ask for help
5.  Switch my blog to Wordpress then to a .com
6. Visit my friends more often
7. Stop being so attached to my phone/internet
8. Decide what I want to do with myself next year when all of my kids will be in school!  

I guess that's it for now.  My list will change and evolve as I remove and add things according to my life at the moment.  But that's not why you are here.  You are here to see what my favorite polishes of 2015 were so let's get to it shall we?  I swear these lists are so hard.  I always have my favorite brands so picking ONE polish to showcase their awesomeness is very difficult.  Keep in mind these are MY favorites, they have nothing to do with number of likes, comments, or popularity.  I'll share links to my original posts and shops in each section.  I'm listing these in no particular order so the numbers mean nada.  And with that last we go!

*press sample*
*purchased by me*

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Guest Post from The Mani Cafe

Hi all!  Today I have a post from the lovely Michaela of The Mani Cafe.  We've been over-seas friends for quite some time now and she's such a doll!  I'm happy to have her posting on my page today, please be sure to check out her fabulous blog and give her a follow if you aren't already!  Let's jump in and check out her post!

xx, Jen

Here's a collage of some fabulous manis from The Mani Cafe!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cupcake Polish Dragon Scales & Ice Ice Baby

Morning beauties!  Hope all is well and you've officially gotten back to the swing or your regular, pre-holiday season self.  Of course there's always New Years Eve but that's just staying up late and drinking, not so much over indulging in an abundance of food.  At least that's how it works in my world.  Speaking of which, any awesome nail art plans for your NYE mani?  Since I'm still vacationing I probably won't have a post but I'll try to share a pic of my mani.  Until then you can enjoy these pretty Cupcakes that I picked up a while back.  Both are unavailable now as they were A) a group custom and B) a box exclusive.  You ready to jump in with this tease of a post?  Ok, let's go then!  

*nothing to disclose*

Cupcake Polish Dragon Scales & Ice Ice Baby

Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter Mani with KBShimmer Snowflakes Navy Blue Water Slide Decals & Alloy Matey!

Good morning lovelies!  My vacation continues but I am down to 1 guest blogger left and about 6 days to go until I'm back home on US soil.  So I promise to try and share some posts but there's no guarantee since this trip has been go-go-go, see-see-see, eat-eat-eat, do-do-do ALL THE THINGS!  My post for today is another easy mani using KBShimmer Water Slide Decals.  I truly love how easy these are to apply and how they make even a novice nail artist like myself feel like I have something to show off! I also like that these were cute for the holiday as well as the season.  I was also thinking these would make for some amazing Frozen/Elsa nails!  Ok well leave get on with the post!  The Snowflake Navy Blue Water Decals are available in the KBShimmer shop now for $2.95.  Alloy Matey! is also available for $8.75.  And now pictures!

*press sample*

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KBShimmer Snowflakes Navy Blue water Slide Decals

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Guest Post from Ashley is Polish Addicted

Good morning beauties!  Plugging along with these fantastic guest posts!  Today Ashley from Ashley is Polish Addicted is taking over my blog!  And guess what?  Thats a-ok with me!  Ashley is an amazing person, friend and I adore her blog!  She's really embraced nail art and I am seriously envious of her skills.  Now I'll find it hard to believe, but if you haven't heard of her blog you definitely want to visit Ashley is Polish Addicted now!  Now that's enough chatting!  Let's look at polish!



Of's a collage of some recent manis from Ashley!  Fabulous!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Guest Post from Pointless Cafe

Morning everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, spending time with those you love, eating holiday favorites, giving and receiving presents!  I'm still sharing guest posts and this one features the fabulous Sheila from Pointless Cafe.  I always drool over Sheila's swatches and pictures so I was really excited she agreed to share those famous nails on my blog.  I've also never heard of the brand she's featuring so now I have a new polish line to check out!  Please be sure to swing by Pointless Cafe when you have a chance.  



You can find gorgeous swatches and fantastic nail art at Pointless are some really beautiful ones! 

Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Mani with KBShimmer Christmas Red and Green Plaid Santa Water Slide Decals & Kind Of A Big Dill

Good morning and Merry Christmas!  I am indeed still vacationing but I figured I'd pop on with a festive post to share with you today.  Plus I'd feel bad not sharing a holiday post or wishing all my beautiful readers a Merry Christmas, so here I am!  I'll keep is short and sweet, I promise.  No dilly dallying, let's jump on in and check out this easy but adorable mani I have to share with you!  

*press sample*

KBShimmer Christmas Red and Green Plaid Santa Water Slide Decals & Kind of a Big Dill

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Guest Post from Scandalous n' Sassy

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope today is a relaxing day for you, hopefully not too much rushing around and last minute things need to be done.  But if you do have to go out into the day-before-Christmas madness I hope your lines are short and the traffic is nil.  Today's guest post is from Christina of Scandalous n' Sassy!  Christina started blogging this past July and homegirl is going out all gangbusters and shiz!  You know what I love about her?  She isn't afraid to try trends, nail art or new brands!  In fact, she shares some brands that are new to me and has me all heavy breathing to get my hands on them!  Be sure to check out Scandalous n' Sassy on her BLOG and INSTAGRAM to see more of her pictures!  Let's jump in and check out this awesome nail art she did for her post!



Here are some lovely swatches I picked up from Christina's Instagram page!  Love her macros!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Guest Post from BKD Signature

Good morning beauties!  This lovely 2-days to Christmas morning I've got another guest post of you!    BKD Signature is not only a polish fan and blogger but she also makes gorgeous jewelry using nail polish!  If you peruse through her blog you'll see 2 things - she's great at nail art and she loves blue!  I also like that Brie take sunlight pictures - I think that really helps show off the true color of polish, and heck, everyone wants to see holo in sunlight!  So if you haven't stopped by BKD Signature's blog (HERE) or shop (HERE) make sure you do so!  So much pretty polish and jewelry for your peepers to feast on.   



Here's a little peek at some of the great nail art Brie has on her blog!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Guest Post from Polished Pathology

Good morning again dears!  This lovely Winter morning I have a guest post from Jenne at Polished Pathology!  Jenne's great!  I love chatting with her, she's funny and friendly and supportive.  And have you seen her blog?  It's fabulous!  Her swatches are amazing and her set up is...well #bloggergoals is all I can say.  So if you haven't swung by Polished Pathology yet please do now!  And let's delve in to the guest post!



Look at these gorgeous swatches from Polished Pathology!  

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Guest Post from The Ides of Polish

Good morning lovelies!  Today I have the fabulous Kim from The Ides of Polish as my guest poster.  Kim is actually on a vacation herself so I greatly appreciate that she made some time to send me over a post!  I always love the polishes shared on The Ides of Polish Facebook page, they are shades and brands I want to wear and own.  You can check out swatches (and pictures of Kim's turtle Fluffy) on the Ides of Polish Facebook page HERE



Quick collage of some of beautiful mani's (and jewelry) from The Ides of Polish!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Guest Post from The Mani-Logues

Good morning lovelies!  As you know by now I am on a vacation with my family so I'm taking a short break from blogging while I tour around some beautiful European cities.  I've got some wonderful friends in the nail polish world that offered to help me out and cover some days for me so my blog didn't go silent.  Today I have a great post from Casandra at The Mani-Logues to share.  Cassandra isn't just a blogger - she's also a polish. makeup and body product maker (pssst her scrubs are the best I've ever tried), here's the link to her shop Wishful Bath & Beauty.  Back to the post - WOW this polish is amazing and the stamping is subtle and pretty!  Please make sure to follow Casandra on her Facebook page.  Now let's check out polish!


Here's a collage of some of beautiful manis from The Mani-Logues!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Guest Post from Cosmetic Sanctuary

Good morning all!  So here's the scoop.  My little family of 5 is going on big vacation for 2 weeks starting today!  EEEEEEEEE!  I'm sure I'll be around now and then, mostly on Instagram, but I figured I wouldn't have much time for posting.  I put out a call for help and am SO EXCITED to have some amazing guest posters featured on my blog!  All the ladies I'll be featuring have fabulous blogs and I fan girl over all of them!  I'm so lucky to have such wonderful friends.  You will probably see some posts from me towards the end of my vacation so I don't fall completely silent, but until then I hope you enjoy all the beautiful posts that are set up!  And the biggest thanks you and hugs to all the ladies that helped me out!  

My first guest poster is Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary!  Lisa has an amazing blog full of polish, makeup and beauty product reviews.  Her reviews are always thorough with lots of beautiful pictures to enjoy.  I'm pretty sure if you are looking for a swatch of just about anything, it'll be on Lisa's blog.  So yeah, I'm feeling pretty big-headed to have such a big-timer helping me out!  And now I've gabbed entirely too long.  Please be sure to check out Cosmetic Sanctuary and let's jump in to the post!



Here's a collage of some recent (and very lovely) posts you can find on Cosmetic Sanctuary!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jessica Cosmetics La Vie Boheme, Fall 2015

Good morning again lovelies!  Alright I know it's Winter but I recently realized I forgot to post this amazing Fall collection.  I suppose it's ok because these are very non-traditional Fall shades and they totally work for several seasons.  There are a few colors that will be perfect for Winter manis and the whole set could easily bring you into the Spring!  So Maybe it was a good think I waited to share it with you.  Any who, I got a sneak peek at this collection way back when at the CosmoProf convention in the summer.  I was totally smitten!  I loved the colors, the concept, all of it.  I felt like I was looking at a washed out water painting yet the colors were still vibrant.  La Vie Boheme is available now on the Jessica Cosmetics website and each shade is $8.40.  These are gorgeous both in color and formula...if you want some shades that are trans-seasonal then these are definitely need to come home with you.

*press sample*

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Jessica Cosmetics La Vie Boheme

Jessica Cosmetics La Vie Boheme

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paint Box Polish LE NYE Duo; Poppin' Bottles & Strawberries and Champagne Mani Fizz

Good morning friends!  Hope your week is going well.  Mine seems to be flying by at the speed of light.  2016 is so close, can you believe it?!  I am kind of excited for all the new trends that polish-land will see in 2016.  I wonder what the new art style and finish trends we will see.  What do you think we have in store?  Well I for one am totally digging these complex mixtures of ingredients and hope to see more of them in the New Year.  Poppin' Bottles from the Paint Box Polish LE NYE Duo is exactly what I'm talking about!  Holo micro glitter, gold flakes, blingy colors that are inspired by all the gorgeous and sparkly outfits of NYE party goers.  But that's just half of this duo!  The other half is an awesome mani fizz scented with strawberries and champagne!  The LE NYE Duo will be available today (12/15) at noon EST and will be $11.50.  So let's jump in and check out this duo!

*press sample*

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Paint Box Polish LE NYE Duo

Monday, December 14, 2015

Smitten Polish 2016 Color of the Year Duo; Of Quartz It Is & Serenity NOW

Good evening dears!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend.  Mine was full of soccer and running and bad weather.  Now that I look back at it all jeesh, I'm exhausted!  But tomorrow there is a launch that you'll definitely want to know about so I'm here to share that now!  I'm sure you've seen the announcement of the 2016 Pantone Color of the Year and that it's not 1 color but 2!  If you haven't seen yet HERE it is - Rose Quartz and Serenity.  A pink and a blue.  Both are lovely alone (albeit a bit baby shower-ish) but together they make a showstopper!  Anywho, Smitten Polish came up with these beautiful holo micro glitters in the 2 Pantone shades.  The Color of the Year Duo will be available as a duo and individually on Monday 12/14 at 2pm Central.  The Christmas In Stars Hollow Collection will also be available again tomorrow (you can see my post for that collection HERE).  Set your clocks people!   Now let's jump in and check these beauties out.

*press sample*

source: Pantone

Smitten Polish Color of the Year Duo: Of Quartz It Is & Serenity NOW

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Press Release: KBShimmer Birthstone Collection, Winter 2015

Hey hey there dears!  I've got a quick press release for you.  KBShimmer will be releasing the Birthstone Collection next month and these are really gorgeous!  They are inspired by each months traditional, modern, or alternative birthstone.  This is a new finish for KBShimmr, a metallic type finish with holo sparkle and micro-small metallic flakes.  If Foiled and Yule Worthy had a baby, and added sparkle, this collection would be it!  Each polish has a “glow” to it and is streak free.  I'll have some to share on my blog shortly after the new year (as I'm going to be on vacation until then).  Here's the information so you can prepare for some New Years shopping!  Read to the end because there's a giveaway you will definitely want to enter once it goes live.

KBShimmer Birthstone Collection 2016
Release date 01/01/2016, shipping starting 01/04/2016

Zoya Matte Velvets, Winter/Holiday 2015

Good morning y'all!  Christmas is only 12 days away.  12 DAYS!!  Are you ready?  I am not.  It's pretty sad how not ready I am actually.  I have nothing at all for my husband.  Help me people, what should I get him?  He's seriously the hardest person to shop for.  If he wore nail polish I could easily pick up some of these amazing Zoya Matte Velvets, alas he doesn't.  But maybe you have someone on your list that would love these?!  The Matte Velvets for Winter/Holiday 2015 were kind of a re-release of the finish that Zoya fans went ga-ga over!  If you don't remember HERE'S my post featuring the re-release of the original 6.  This finish is called matte velvet because it's a soft matte, not as harsh as some others out there.  These are currently available at Zoya for $10 each, or the 6 pack for $60 (you get free shipping when you spend over $30).  This entire collection is perfect for the holiday and finished up with Winter season.  Rich and festive, jewel tones that shimmer.  You could slap topcoat on these to really bring out that sparkly shimmer.  So enough gabbing, let's check these out!

*press sample*

Zoya Matte Velvet Holiday

Friday, December 11, 2015

ellagee Ziggy Stardust

Good evening fellow polish lovers!  Hope your Friday was awesome!  Mine was really jam-packed and went by in a flash.  I'm literally sitting here at my middle little's basketball practice and using the time to type.  Gosh it's loud in here and every ball that hits the ground vibrates the entire gym floor - do not like.  Of course I know nothing about basketball and it's my least favorite sport.  But it makes me happy to see my little Julian having a great time.  Something I do know a few things about is polish.  So let's talk ellagee Ziggy Stardust.  I picked this up a while ago, then got bogged down with reviews and it was pushed to the depths of my polish piles.  Well nobody puts Ziggy in the corner!  So I'm here to make amends and share this fun, glittery, Bowie inspired polish with you now. I actually don't see Ziggy Stardust in the shop right now so I'm not sure if it's gone or just out of stock.  If it's gone I really do apologize for not getting a post up featuring it sooner - let's hope it's just out of stock!  But there are loads of other fabulous polishes in the ellagee shop right now - be sure to check those out!

*nothing to disclose*

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source: Pinterest

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Serum No 5; Don't Peek, All of the Lights

Good evening lovely readers!  I have another post to share with you tonight and it's got some fun glow in the dark, flash in the lights excitement of you!  Tonight I have a couple fab polishes from Serum No 5.  These are both older colors - from last year I think?  But both are still available in the shop.  I found them both fun and pretty and original.  So let's jump on in and check out these awesome Serums!

*press sample*

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Serum No 5; Don't Peek, All of the Lights

Color Club Frost Bite Collection; Partial Review

Good morning dears!  My posting will be a bit infrequent and irregular for the next week (month actually) as I am preparing for a 2 week long vacation and will be busy packing, cleaning and setting up guest posts!  YAY for guest posts!  But when I have a chance here and there I'll throw up a few pictures for you to peruse.  This morning I have a few metallic shades and a glitter from the Color Club Winter collection called Frost Bite.  The 7 piece Frost Bite collection is available on the website now and each shade is $8.50.  It looks like they are all metallic finish, metal type shades.  The only thing I will mention about this is that you will get brushstrokes with this type of finish.  My suggestion is to sponge on the second layer and you'll completely reduce that brushstrokey look.  I also have a feeling these will be great for stamping!  So let's jump in and see the 3 polishes I have to share!

*press sample*

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Color Club Frost Bite Collection

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Beauty Review: Soft Landings 4Square Wipes

Good morning dears!  I've got a beauty post for you today!  I have heard of Soft Landings before (as I've been on the nail circuit for a while now and we nails girls hear things) but I haven't had the chance to try them.  Well now I have and I really liked these products.  I typically use cotton squares or pads to remove my nail polish and eye makeup, but I do notice that I get lint and fuzz everywhere when I use regular cotton pads.  In walks Soft Landings!  This brand makes hygienic, soft, absorbent, LINT-FREE Table Towels and 4Square Wipes.  You can use them for literally anything, polish and makeup removal as I mentioned before, wash cloths, dusting cloths, classroom name it!  The Table Towels are 16"x16" and sold for $20 in a 75 count package.  The 4Square Wipes are 4"X4" and sold for $5.50 in a 100 pack.   I focused on the 4"x4" squares since I knew I'd use those the most frequently for nail polish and makeup removal.  So let's jump in and see what Soft Landings is all about!

*press sample*

Soft Landings: Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Here's both products and their informational pamphlets.

Soft Landings Table Towels & 4 Square Wipes

Monday, December 7, 2015

Nail Hoot Seasons Collection, Winter 2015

Good morning friends!  I had a lot going on yesterday so my plans to post this collection was pushed back until now.  I had a birthday party to go to, family pictures and then family dinner.  It took all day!  But now I have some time to share this post, yay!  This morning I've got another new collection from Nail Hoot - the Seasons Collection.  This is a 4-piece set inspired by the 4 seasons for course.  You can pick up the Seasons Collection now for $26.20 or individually for $7 USD each.  They are all currently available!  You ready to jump in and enjoy all 4 seasons?  I am, so let's go!

*press sample*

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Nail Hoot Seasons Collection

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Nail Hoot Limited Edition Bible Stories Collection, Winter 2015

Good evening dears!  I can't believe December is well under way and I'm no where near ready for Christmas or my upcoming vacation!  Can I start panicking now?!  If you're feeling like me let's stop, take deep breaths and think about what's really important.  Ok, better?  Now if that didn't work let me distract you with a gorgeous, limited edition collection from Nail Hoot.  The Bible Stores collection released on 12/1 and won't be around long!  So I'll tell you know that if you fall in love with any (or all) of these act quickly to acquire them.  The pigment used is in short supply and once it's gone, so will be these polishes.  The Bible Stories collection consists of 4 shimmery holos in gorgeous shades.  This is my favorite release from Nail Hoot - the colors are all breath taking.  The Bible Stories collection is available now and each polish is $9 USD or you can pick up the 4-piece set for $34.20.  So let's jump in and enjoy these beauties!

*press sample*

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Nail Hoot Bible Stories

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

China Glaze Cheers Collection, Winter/Holiday 2015

Night post alert!  Today was a day, let me tell you.  Sometimes there really just doesn't feel like there's enough time in the day to do all the things I need to do.  Then I had family pictures planned for this evening and oye, that didn't go as planned.  And now I'm drained.  So it's time to get into my zen zone and blog a little.  And boy do I have a long one for you tonight!  We will be looking at the new China Glaze Cheers collection for the Winter/Holiday season.  12 shades, cremes, shimmers, jelly glitters, glitter toppers, all very pretty and festive!  The Cheers Collection is available to purchase now at your local beauty supply stores; Sally's and Ulta.  They are $7.50 each.  So let's jump in and check out the Cheers Collection!  

*press sample*

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China Glaze Wishes