Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fit Snack Box: May 2017

Good afternoon y'all.  I've been a busy bee today with the posting and there's a lot more where that came from!  This isn't a nail polish post's a Fit Snack box post!  I always have a huge smile on my face when my Fit Snack Box arrives.  I know that there will be some products I've tried and love and some products that are new to me!  I really have so much fun tasting them all, it helps me make informed decisions when I buy full sized products later!  Anywho, for now I've got the May box on my blog and it's full of great, satisfying items.  You can subscribe to this box in different increments, 3 month, 6 month and so on.  You can save $3 using my link HERE!  Alright, let's talk about the snack! 

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June 2017 Destination Duo, Trafalgar At Night; Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer & Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish

Afternoon!  I've got another post featuring Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer for you now.  I wanted to share it so soon after my morning post because the new Destination Duo will also be available today (5/31) at 3:30pm EDT.  BEGL teamed up with Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish to create gorgeous polishes inspired by a picture of the fountain at Trafalgar Square at night.  You'll be able to purchase the Trafalgar At Night duo in both shops for $20 shipped domestically.  International shipping will be prorated.  I'm really excited for both of these polishes...I think you are going to love them too!

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Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: May 2017 Collection

Good morning!  Hope you've had a fabulous, short week so far.  My kids are counting down the days until Summer is here, and truthfully so am I.  I can't wait for beach days and vacation!  Speaking of Summer, Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is launching a new collection today (5/31), at 3:30pm EDT.  It's an unnamed trio and they're sure to tickle your fancy.  2 of the 3 are customs for the BEGLove Facebook group so you'll need to join in order to purchase those.  I also have some re-released polishes to share so if you missed out on them the first time around you may want to jump on them this time.  Read on to see what Julie has in store for you today!

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Sea Lore Polish; Balboa Sights & Sweets Collection

Good afternoon beauties!  Hope you're enjoying your wonderful day.  Monday isn't always that bad, right?!  It's slightly better when you get to think about the upcoming Summer, beach days, boardwalk, rides, food treats.  Well today I have a fun, boardwalk-themed collection from Sea Lore Polish.  I love this collection because colors are great, almost sun-bleached shades, that I feel capture how washed out colors can look when you're in the bright sun near the beach.  The Boardwalk is one of my favorite places to go in the Summer months, it's so fun to walk around eat all the different food and go on rides.  The Balboa Sights & Sweets Collection dropped last Friday and all of them are available now for $10 each!  There is one Limited Edition in the collection so be sure to grab it!  Alright, let's jump in and check it out!

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Alter Ego Nail Enamels June Polish Pickup Exclusive; Courtney's Frogspawn Coral

Hello dears!  Hope you are enjoyed your weekend.  Maybe you have today off?  I'm heading over to Monterey with my family.  We haven't been to the Aquarium in a long time and it sounds like a fun way to spend the day together.  Today's post, coincidentally enough, was created with an aquarium creature in mind!  The polish you'll see today is from Alter Ego and its called Courtney's Frogspawn Coral.  It's part of the Polish Pickup for June (which is Under The Sea themed).  You can pick this glittery goody up from 6/2 - 6/4.  

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

ellagee June Polish Pickup Exclusive; I Shall Call Him Squishy

Evening dears!  I'm trying to put kids to bed and deal with an uber cranky 5-year old who took a long nap and surely won't go to bed now.  Sigh.  But I wanted to pop in with a super quickie post to show you one of the upcoming polishes in the June Polish Pickup selections.  ellagee has a phenomenal hot pink with shimmer and sparkle and it's going to make you pink lovers squeeee!  You can purchase this polish and any of the others from the Under The Sea from 6/2 to 6/5!  Trust me...June is a doozy...start saving a little extra now!

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Girly Bits Cosmetics; Limited Edition May Colour of the Month Duo, Because I Said So & Shake What Ya Mama Gave Ya

Good evening dears!  Tonight I had the Girly Bits May Colour of the Month Duo to share with you.  These are gorgeous polishes that really speak to the theme of this month...Mother's Day.  Sure, it's already passed, but moms really do so much for their families it should be a whole month long celebration.  Anywho...these polishes are available now until May 25th for $21.72.  After that you can pick them up as a duo until the end of June or individually but the price will be a little higher.  So are you ready to see swatches?  Then lesgo!

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beauty Review: Younique Moonstruck Minerals Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain and Moonstruck Lip Exfoliator

Afternoon beauties!  I promised I'd be back with another makeup review and here it is!  This time it's a review of some Younique products I received for hosting a show recently.  I have tried many products from Younique and I have really liked them all, but the Lip Exfoliator and Lip Stain might just be my favorites!  These products are both available now, they are $21 - $22.  If you have any questions about products or are interesting in buying please check in with my friend Caitlin, who is a fabulous lady and a rep for the brand.  Ok so let's jump in and check out these two superb products.  

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Beauty Review: Born Pretty Jelly Temperature Control Lipstick

Good morning again loves!  Happy's almost Friday, that means it's almost Saturday. Woot woot!  I'm so tired I could use a break or a bottle of wine OR both!  Well as I plug through today I felt like sharing makeup so I'll have 2 posts for you to read.  The first is this fun Jelly Lipstick from Born Pretty Store.  I've seen these lovely, see-thru lipsticks with a flower in them for some time now, I had some credits to spend so I picked one up!  There are 3 color options, they are $3.29 each and you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  If you want the direct link to the Jelly Lipstick it's right HERE.  Okie dokie, let's talk lipstick!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fit Snack Box: April 2017

Morning friends!  Today I have another Fit Snack Box to share with you.  Have you tried this subscription box out yet?  I have really been enjoying all the healthy snacks and treats that are delivered to my mail box.  These boxes are great for athletes, busy moms (or dads) and even provide healthy options for kids!  This box has been my favorite so far because I am in love with one product in particular.  I wonder if you can guess which one it is.  You can sign up for a 3, 6, or more, monthly subscription.  Each box promises $32 value inside!  You can save $3 off any subscription package using my link HERE.  Let's jump in and see the tasty snacks I received!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Paint Box Polish Fantasmic Flakies Custom; Nude Beach

Morning!  Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there reading my blog!  I'm riding solo with my kids today and it's pretty much going to be soccer, soccer, soccer.  But I really want to do some shopping so maybe I can sneak that in.  But for now I have a gorgeous group custom to share with you.  This beauty was created by Paint Box Polish for the Fantasmic Flakies Group.  You can only purchase this if you are a member of the group so make sure you join, link is HERE!  Nude Beach is $12 and only available until the end of May.  Ok let's jump in and check it out.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Dreamland Lacquer; 5-Year Anniversary Celebration Collection & Fan Group Customs

Afternoon lovelies!  I hope your weekend is going well and you are enjoying it.  I just enjoyed watching my oldest play soccer then a yummy sandwich lunch so all is going great for me.  Now we are chilling at home for a bit before we head off for some shopping and hopefully to see my mom.  Since I have a few minutes of downtime I figured I'd get the next pot up for your enjoyment.  Dreamland Lacquer is celebrating her 5th anniversary!  Can you believe Noelie has been making us a rainbow of gorgeous nail polish for 5 years?!  She has been one of my absolute favorite brands for just as long and I am overjoyed that she still churning out amazing polish for us all to love.  So her 5-Year Anniversary Celebration Collection consists of 2 beautiful polishes.  There are 2 other polishes in this post that are only available to her Facebook Fan Group members, be sure to join in the fun so you can get your grabby hands on those ones too!  They are all available from 5/13 (TODAY!) until 5/20 at 2pm CST.  This is a pre-order and the turn around time is 3-weeks from the end of the pre-order period.  But wait there's more!  You can save 25% off most products in the store using code DREAMIT5.  Ok I know you're excited because even though I know what these look like I am still excited about them!  Let's check them out!  

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Paint Box Polish; The Mr. Paint Box Polish Collection

Morning beauties.  Today I have a fantastic new collection to share with you from Paint Box Polish.  Here are the details you NEED to know about the Mr. Paint Box Polish Collection.  This collection was created by Mr. Paint Box Polish.  He was inspired by his love of fishing and fish.  This collection is *limited edition* and will only be available in the month of May.  Each polish is $11 or you can buy the set for $36.  Finally, this will be the last collection from Paint Box Polish, the freshly rebranded Stella Chroma will launch in June.  Make sure to sign up for the newsletter HERE to get all the latest updates!  Ok, so are you ready to jump in and check out the Mr. Paint Box Polish Collection?  I am ready to show it off so lesgo!  Oh yes, you can save 15% off your order using my code MNPO!  

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

KBShimmer; Multi Chromes, Summer 2017

Howdy howdy (please say this in the voice of the shark squeaky toy that imitates Woody...I have no idea why that popped into my head).  Ok so the KBShimmer Multi Chromes aren't new.  You've probably seen them, but if you read my post yesterday you'll know I was dealing with some personal things that set me behind a bit.  But I'm catching up now and today I will be sharing that fan-flipping-tactic collection with you!  Gurrrrrl, I literally drooled all over myself when I switched these...they are totally gorgeous.  If you aren't on the multi chrome band wagon yet these will break you!  Ok, so if you didn't already know, the Multi Chromes are available now and they are $9.25 each.  So let's delve into his post...prepare your drool rag.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Blush Lacquer: Girly Bits Exclusives Can't Buy Me Love & Aisle Be Waiting

Evening all.  Sorry for totally cutting out and disappearing for the last 2ish weeks.  Had quite a few hard times in the family and I was dealing with all that.  Still am, but I know reviews are running late and piling up so I'm shaking off the sad and trying to get myself going again.  Let's start with a couple Blush Lacquers beauties the are exclusive to the Girly Bits shop!  These went up for sale on 4/30.  The great news is they are currently in stock and you can place an order for them NOW!  They are $10.98 USD each.  There are also a ton of other gorgeous Blush Lacquers available in the shop too so make sure to browse around, you wouldn't want to miss anything!   Let's go ahead and jump in and check out the polish!

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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Alter Ego Nail Enamels; May Polish Pickup Venus

Morning dears.  Most of you probably know about the Polish Pickup by now.  It's a great new group that has monthly inspirations, multiple makers, and you only buy the polishes you want!  Such a great idea!  May's theme is Science and the makers who signed up all released fabulous polishes inspired by all things science related.  Alter Ego created Venus, a gorgeous coppery, sparkly polish.  You can buy Venus now until 5/8 for $7.  Let's jumping and check out the pics!

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