Wednesday, February 5, 2020

February 2020 PPU & IPU: Flora & Fauna

Afternoon y'all!  It's been a fairly unproductive Wednesday for me.  Had to take the baby to the doctor (he's ok) then decided to get a spur of the moment pedi.  But it wasn't really spur of the moment because I was in jeans and tennis shoes and didn't have any of my own polishes to take so I made a stop at home first to remedy all those problems.  I guess I'm embracing Spring, even though it's my least favorite season, and went with a soft, shimmery, shifty pink.  But you're here to find out about the upcoming PPU and IPU!  February is Flora & Fauna themed...good theme for Valentine's Day and Spring!  The nice thing is that you're not just going to get bombarded with pinks and purples (thank GAWD).  I'm seeing blues and greens and grey and even a yellow and orange!  The Pickups will be open from 2/7 - 2/10.  Don't forget to shop early to get those capped items you really want!

*press sample*

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