Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Vegas Duo; Anonymous Lacquer & Ever After Polish

Evening beauties!  I'm settled in for the night and watching Stranger Things, do you watch that show?  The few episodes I've seen so far are very suspenseful!  Anywho, since I can't sit and focus on any one thing at a time I decided to share a late night post with you.  Well sadly I didn't get around to this one in time, it was made available while I was on vacation, and now it's sold out.  I have no idea if the duo will be made again.  Sorry!  But the details about this duo are; it's called the Vegas Duo and has a polish from Ever After Polish and Anonymous Lacquer.  It was from Cocktails & Colors in Vegas.  It was $20.  If you're a fan of these brands and missed out then my fingers are crossed for you that this duo makes a return!  Let's check out the duo!

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Vegas Duo; Anonymous Lacquer & Ever After

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Colors by Llarowe; LE Vegas 2016

Good evening dolls.  I've got a second post for you today.  Why you ask?  Because this polish will be available in a few days, that's why.  HA.  Just wanted you to have enough heads up to set an alarm or be prepared however you prepare yourself for a nail polish sale at Llarowe.  If you've been around the block you know how crazy these used to be.  But fortunately this is just a pre-order and you'll be fine if you don't jump on immediately to get this beauty.  It's the Limited Edition Vegas 2016 polish, made exclusively for the Cocktails & Colors event sample bag...but the consumers got lucky this year as most of the LE's in the bag were made available to the public, including this one!  Vegas 2016 is available 9/1 at 12pm MDT for a 24 hour pre-order period.  It'll be $12 USD.  Along with this beauty, you can also get The Journey Collection.  Now it's time to check it out!

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Born Pretty Store Nail Vinyls Octagon Flower

Good afternoon beauties!  I've got a nail art post for you to check out today featuring some pretty nail stencils from the Born Pretty Store!  I love the design on these stencils, and the fact that they are stickers makes them super easy to use.  Plus, they are gold holo, so I got a bit mesmerized just looking at them.  Anywho, you can get these with this direct LINK, and they are on sale for $1.96!  You can pick these awesome stencils up and so many other great nail art needs at the Born Pretty Store now, and if you use my code JTOW10 you can save 15% off!  Let's check out the goods!

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cupcake Polish: Luau Collection, Late Summer 2016

Good evening all!  If you saw my Instagram post earlier today you knew this post was coming!  And I managed to get 2 kids soccer games out of the way, lunch with a friend and now I'm back home to do just what I said...share this totally awesome new collection from Cupcake Polish.  The Luau Collection is a 6-piece collection, vibrant holos with shimmery flecks, inspired by the tropical Hawaiian islands.  I have a very special place in my heart for Hawaii, I love vacationing there and being part of the relaxing island life vibe.  The Luau Collection will be available for purchase on 8/28 at 12pm CDT.  The polishes will be $13 each.  You can save 15% using the code COSMOPROF2016 on your entire order!  That code is good until 9/1.  Let's dive in and check out the polish!

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Glisten & Glow: Pirate's Booty, Fall 2016

Good evening dolls.  Well I still have Summer collections to show you but it's time to start rolling out Fall!  So my blog might be a discombobulated mix of late Summer/early Fall polishes for you at the moment.  I like that both seasons are available to us because I know I'm still enjoying the vibrant shades but I'm also longing for deep, rich hues too!  So today's post is the awesome new Fall collection from Glisten & Glow called Pirate's Booty.  Love the name, love the colors, this collection really speaks to me.  There are 6 holos in the Pirate's Booty collection and it will be available TONIGHT (8/26) at 9pm EST.  Let's delve in and check out the loot! 
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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Girly Bits What Really Happened In Vegas; 2016 Collection

Good morning beauties.  It's my second day at home with the kids all off to school and things are a bit easier.  It's a full day so I have an extra hour to take care of things, I've already gotten most of the house cleaned up, I'm going to get my daughter's birthday party planned and I'm gong to enjoy the peace before the storm hits.  I'll be in taxi mom hell trying to get 3 kids to 3 separate fields for practice during the same 2 hour block this evening.  So while I figure out a way to clone myself I decided to jump online and share a post with you.  Sorry that this one is long overdue, I've had pictures ready, just haven't had time to write it up.  The good news is that the 2016 What Really Happened In Vegas Collection is still available!  It will also be showcased at PolishCon, if any of you are making your way to Chicago in September!  But back to details, the WRHIV collection will be $16.50CAD each, if you purchase the entire set before 8/29 you can save $5!  Let's delve on in to the post and see what Pam has to say about the polishes and inspirations for this years collection.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Beauty Post: Scrub Love - Mint Temptation

Good evening lovelies.  Thought I'd pop back in tonight with a beauty post!  Ok, really I literally just tired this product out yesterday and enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it right away.  Do you love body scrub?  Do you love coffee?  Do you love the smell of mint?  Then my dear you are going to LOVE Scrub Love!  This is an awesome product made from coffee grounds!  I have only tried sugar and salt scrubs so I wan't sure what to expect.  Then my package arrived.  When I opened it up it was instant love.  The scent that hits you is mixed with mint, it's reminiscent of decadent chocolate for some reason. can pick up a pack of Scrub Love in 3 scents; Mint Temptation, Coconut Affair or Original Lovin'.  They range from $14.95 -  $17.95 for a 200ml, resealable pouch. Let's jump in to the post so I can tell you more about Love Scrub!

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Scrub Love Mint Temptation

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Fan Favorites 2016 Collection

Good afternoon dears!  Sorry for going MIA in the last few days.  Just got home from vacation and I was pretty much dead.  Finally coming back up for air and I'm going to have to hustle butt to get these posts shared with you.  So let's jump in with the BEGL Fan Favorites!  These will be available today (8/24) at 3:30pm EDT.  I'm sure you are familiar with the Fan Favorites, but essentially Julie takes a poll of what regular  colors were most popular through the year and re-releases them.  It's a great opportunity to get the ones you missed out on, or found out about too late to purchase them.  Are you ready to take a look?  Here we go!

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BEGL Fan Favorites 2016

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Guest Post from The Ides of Polish

Hi dolls!  I've got another guest post to share with you today...this one is from my dear friend Kim, The Ides of Polish.  She's got an amazing holo mani to share with us.  Make sure you using by her page and give her a follow!

The Ides of Polish: Facebook, Instagram


Hello! I just have a quick nail of the day for my guest post today. This is Darling Diva Rooms On Fire. This is a perfect summer holo polish!

I hope Jen and her family are having an awesome vacation! ♥

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Different Dimension Pretty Nauti; Partial Review

Good morning lovelies.  The weekend is so close I can almost touch it!  Hang in there, 5:00 on Friday is almost here.  Until then, I have a follow up post to share with you.  A couple weeks back I shared a partial review of the Different Dimension Pretty Nauti collection (see my post HERE).  Well today I have the remaining 5 polishes to show you and they are gorgeous!  Pretty Nauti is currently available in the Different Dimension shop so head on over and pick up some of the beauties.  You ready?   I am so lets go!  

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

KBShimmer Fall 2016 Collection

Good morning beautiful readers!  With Summer winding down I am getting pumped for Fall.  It's my favorite season you know.  Of course stores already have Fall clothing out on the racks, beauty stores have darker colors displayed and nail polish companies are launching gorgeous, rich colors.  KBShimmer is one of those brands an I have the new Fall 2016 collection swatches and ready to share with you!  The Fall collection consists of 12 new shades and they will be available on 8/19.  These definitely got me excited or the season change.  So let's jump on in and check out the new polishes!  

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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Guest Post from Lauriestrode's Fun with Nails

Hey lovelies! I have a guest post from a beautiful lady today! Read on to see the gorgeous mani Lauriestrode's Fun with Nails has to share with us! Thanks for being a doll and helping me out!

Lauriestrode's Fun with Nails: Blog, Facebook, Instagram
Hi there,
As an avid reader of Jen’s blog for almost as long as she’s been around (though I mostly lurk these days) I am more than happy to be able to stand in for her - even though I don’t blog as much as I used to. I am mostly active on my Facebook page: Lauriestrode’s Fun with Nails and Instagram, where I am the girl behind @lauriestrodesfwn.

Today I’d like to share a recent mani I made using Pretty Serious Cosmetics and Girly Bits Cosmetics stamping polishes. I am so much in love with the Pastel Brights from Pretty Serious and decided to use the yellow one as base for this. I think mostly though I chose it because I thought it would go great with two of Girly Bits’ green stamping polishes, haha. I do love everything Girly Bits - and if you haven’t tried anything of hers yet, I ardently implore you to do so!!!

I started with two coats of Pretty Serious Little Duckling which much to my surprise was very easy to work with. If you have any prior experiences with pastel yellow nail polish you know how finicky those usually are!! So that was a huge plus in my book.

I forgot to take a picture of the polish without any stamping on which is mostly due to the fact that I do my nails in the evening after the kids have gone to bed - and  just move on with nail art without any thought as to documenting the process - seriously, I need to go to bed myself after I’m done with my nails.

I used Messy Mansion Symetrika 06 plate for my stamping purposes and filled in half of the image I chose with Girly Bits Racing Green and the other half with Girly Bits Ker-minty Frog Here to get this effect.

And let me just say: those stamping polishes are really great. They are easy to work with, you get a good crisp image and they stamp great over dark colours as well!! Highly recommendable! Go get them, Now!!!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Alter Ego Body Care Products; Lady Luck & Vegas Showgirl

Good evening dears!  My vacation is going nicely!  Plenty of time in the surf and sun, resting in the room, family activities and a little spare time to keep my blog going.  I promise, I'm only on the computer when we are having downtime in the room.  So today I have some brand new Alter Ego polishes to share.  Cynthia created 2 shades to capture the spirit of the indie brand ladies (blogger and makers) that all make their way to Vegas in July for the get convention and meet ups.  Both Lady Luck and Vegas Showgirl are available in the shop now for $9 (smaller bottle is $4.50).  You can save 20% using my code; My Nail Polish Obsession.  And with that said, let's check these out!

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Alter Ego Body Care Products; Lady Luck

Sunday, August 14, 2016

6 Harts Butterfly Floufs

Good afternoon (evening for most of you now).  I'm pretty wiped out today, forgot how much energy it takes to swim, and even more energy when a little is hanging on to you the whole time.  So I'm trying to relax and snack but the kids want me to take them out on a lizard hunt.  I'll have to make this a super fast post!  Tomorrow (8/15) 6 Harts will be releasing a few new polishes!  I'm super excited because I have always been a fan of Courtney's brand.  I'm going to share the beautiful Butterfly Floufs with you now.  You can see a bottle shot of the drool worthy Not Taupical in my Cocktails & Colors coverage post (HERE). You can pick up either or both these polishes on 8/15 for $9 each.  Let's jump in and see this lovely new polish!

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6 Harts Butterfly Floufs

Saturday, August 13, 2016

China Glaze Rebel Collection; Fall 2016

Good morning all!  I've got a pretty large post to share with you today so get in a comfy chair, make sure your boss in on lunch and get ready for an awesome collection.  China Glaze recently released their Fall collection - Rebel.  I love this collection for 2 reasons, it's 1990's inspired and the names are all plays on songs from that time.  YES!  The Rebel Collection is available now with select shades at Ulta and Sally's.  The complete collection will be at  They retail for $7.50 each.  You ready?  Then let's go!

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China Glaze; Fall 2016 Rebel Collection

Friday, August 12, 2016

Girly Bits Cosmetics; LE What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Twitter

Good morning beauties (well it's morning where I am on vacation at the moment, it's much later for the rest of you)!  August seems to be a busy nail polish month.  There are so many launches going on; LE collections, Vegas exclusives, and then the Fall lineups.  I'll have quite a bit of you in the next couple of weeks, so please don't mind me if my posts are short and to the point.  Time is of the essence!  Every year Girly Bits releases a Las Vegas exclusive polish, What Happens In Vegas...  This line started in 2013 when Girly Bits first visited CosmoProf North America in LAs Vegas and the series has grown!  We've seen Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now we've got Twitter!  What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Twitter is a limited edition polish that will be available from 8/15 at 12noon EDT to 8/22 at 12noon EDT.  It's a single pour release and each bottle is numbered.  Polish fans, these are sought after beauties and you'll absolutely regret it if you don't get one.  So with all that said, let's delve in to the pictures!

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Girly Bits; What Happens In Vegas...Ends Up On Collection

If you were curious here are my posts featuring WHIVEUOF, WHIVEDOI, WHIVEUOS.  

Thursday, August 11, 2016

CosmoProf North America 2016: Nail Product Coverage

Good morning lovelies!  I'm sure you all know that CosmoProf North America was held in Las Vegas this past July.  This is a huge beauty convention with loads of very well known companies, smaller companies and brand spanking new companies trying to break out on the scene.  It's a 3-day event, and you definitely need at least 2 days to see everything and attend all the parties.  CPNA fell on a later date than it usually does so it wasn't really great with my personal schedule, and I was only able to go in for a day and a few hours the following morning.  But I saw a ton and have lots to share with you!  I decided to split my pictures up into 2 posts, nail brands and beauty brands.  I'll start with nail since that's kind of my thing.  I hope you like my coverage of the event!

*event coverage*

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Hard Candy; Swatches and Review

Good morning dears!  Hope you are well.  I am definitely well.  Summer is winding down, vacations are over, camps and swim lessons are done, school packets are rolling in, Fall sports teams are starting to practice.  I can't believe it's back to school in 2 weeks!  I feel so behind in my posts (I have a ton of pictures, time to write up some posts) so I'll be trying to catch up over the next week or two.  Let's start this off with some Hard Candy!  Awesome brand, even more awesome price point!  You can pick up Hard Candy nail polish (and makeup) in Walmart for around $4 a bottle, seriously can't beat that price.  And the quality is totally worth more than $4 so you are getting a great deal.  Let's jump in and see what I've got for you.

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Hard Candy: Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Hard Candy

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cocktails & Colors 2016; Event Coverage

Hello lovelies.  As you know many nail polish ladies (blogger, makers, stockiest) made their way to Las Vegas recently for the CosmoProf North American convention.  Luckily I got to return for a 3rd year and tour the convention floor (posts coming this week) and visit with some of my favorite people.  The hostesses with the mostesses; Sara from Cupcake Polish, Missi from Different Dimension and Jill from Glisten & Gow put on an quite a shin dig.  First I just want to thank those 3 ladies for putting together such a nice party.  Truthfully, this is the most fun event of all the after parties because it's a total who's who of the indie polish world.  Putting faces to names, meeting makers you've only talked to online, catching up with old friends.  It's always a fun time.  Unfortunately I had under 2 hours to speed through the event this year as it was also my hubby and I's 12th anniversary and we had dinner reservations to get to.  I did my best to meet with all the makers displayed and chat with them as well as spend time with some of the other ladies.  So let's take look at what the Cocktails & Colors event was all about!  *apologies to Ever After, it was the only booth I was unable to circulate to so I sadly didn't get to meet and greet with Rachel in person and have no picture to share in this post*

*media event coverage*

The first thing I saw in the event room was this awesome display of pink, white and purple cupcakes. They looked delish!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Born Pretty Store: Star Shell Glass Stickers

Good afternoon!  I have another post to share with you today!  I'm pretty sure you all know about Born Pretty by now.  If not it's an awesome place to shop for nail art supplies; nail stickers, decals, stamping plates, 3d nail decoration, you name it and I bet Born Pretty has it.  I'm definitely an amateur nail art blogger but there are so many products you can pick up in this shop that even I can feel like a pro!  Case in point are these Star Shell Glass Stickers.  Simple shape, gorgeous decoration to add to any mani.  If you've been nervous to delve into the nail art scene, don't be!  Just start out with productss like the one I'm showing today.  The Star Shell Glass Stickers are available (as well as thousands of other items) now for $1.99 - direct link HERE.  Don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  So let's check these pretty stickers out!

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Born Pretty Store; Star Shell Glass Stickers

Different Dimension; Pretty Nauti Collection, Partial Review

Good morning beauties!  Hope your Friday is full of sunshine and singing birds.  It's almost the weekend, party time!  I'm excited to visit with a long-distance friend and get in one last Sunday soccer game for the Summer.  There are also some new collection dropping this of which is featured in this post!  Different Dimension will be releasing Pretty Nauti, a nautical inspired collection.  There are 8 new polishes, each ranging from $8.75 to $12.  There are also 5 new cuticle oil scents for your to choose from.  Pretty Nauti will be available today, 8/5 at 9pm EDT.  Today I have 3 of the collection to show you, but I should have the remaining 5 up next week.  Now let's jump in!  

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Different Dimension: Pretty Nauti

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Girly Bits Cosmetics: Limited Edition August 2016 COTM Duo, Sun Dog & Dancing In The Moonlight

Good evening.  Sorry for the late night post but I had to share this gorgeous duo with you now since it goes on sale in 2 days!  The newest installment of the Girly Bits Colour of the Month (COTM) Duo consists of a beautiful, sandy gold - Sun Dog and a breathtaking blue - Dancing In The Moonlight.  You'll be able to purchase the August COTM Duo from 8/6-8/10 and then again on 8/24.  But if you purchase in the early bird listing starting tomorrow you can save $2 on the duo.  Alrighty, now that you have the details let's look at pictures!

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Girly Bits August 2016 COTM Duo; Sun Dog & Dancing In The Moonlight

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

ellagee The Business Bitch

Good afternoon!  I am back with another post to share today.  This time from the lovely ellagee!  She came up with a suitable for work collation based on the always hilarious show The Office.  This collection is called The Business Bitch and consists of 4 neutral, but gorgeous shades with subtle shimmer.  As I said, they are perfect for a work place that doesn't allow bright polish, but they are also perfect palette cleansers for us ladies that like to wear in-your-face colors and need to give our eyes a break.  The Business Bitch collection will be available on 8/6.  Let's jump on in and check out the goods!

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ellagee: The Business Bitch Collection

Girly Bits & Firecracker Lacquer Drinks on the Beach Duo

Good morning lovelies!  Today I have my Drinks on the Beach Duo post ready for you!  Girly Bits and Firecracker Lacquer nailed these drinks inspired polishes.  You will absolutely need these if you love adult beverages and love the beach!  They are fun and gorgeous polishes.  The Drinks on the Beach Duo will be available for pre-order from August 6-13 and will cost you $20 USD/$26.50 CAD.  The duo will be available in BOTH shops.  So without further adieu, let's jump in to this post and get to the good stuff!

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Girly Bits & Firecracker Lacquer Drinks on the Beach Duo