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Cocktails & Colors 2016; Event Coverage

Hello lovelies.  As you know many nail polish ladies (blogger, makers, stockiest) made their way to Las Vegas recently for the CosmoProf North American convention.  Luckily I got to return for a 3rd year and tour the convention floor (posts coming this week) and visit with some of my favorite people.  The hostesses with the mostesses; Sara from Cupcake Polish, Missi from Different Dimension and Jill from Glisten & Gow put on an quite a shin dig.  First I just want to thank those 3 ladies for putting together such a nice party.  Truthfully, this is the most fun event of all the after parties because it's a total who's who of the indie polish world.  Putting faces to names, meeting makers you've only talked to online, catching up with old friends.  It's always a fun time.  Unfortunately I had under 2 hours to speed through the event this year as it was also my hubby and I's 12th anniversary and we had dinner reservations to get to.  I did my best to meet with all the makers displayed and chat with them as well as spend time with some of the other ladies.  So let's take look at what the Cocktails & Colors event was all about!  *apologies to Ever After, it was the only booth I was unable to circulate to so I sadly didn't get to meet and greet with Rachel in person and have no picture to share in this post*

*media event coverage*

The first thing I saw in the event room was this awesome display of pink, white and purple cupcakes. They looked delish!

Moving clockwise from the outside I first hit up the Girly Bits Cosmetics booth.  Pam had her new What Really Happened In Vegas collection, Drinks On The Beach Duo (my post is HERE), August COTM Duo (post is HERE), A Little Madness Collection (post is HERE) and some stamping polishes displayed.  I love that she brought her latest and greatest!  And how awesome is that holo sign in the back!?

Closer look at the What Really Happened In Vegas Collection.  Great colors and finish. I'll have swatches of this collection very soon!

Latest to the Vegas exclusive collection, What Happens In Vegas Ends Up on...Twitter.  I'll have swatches of this one soon too.  

Alter Ego Body Cary Products had a great display this year!  Cynthia had all her core's displayed, including the recent Scream For Ice Creme collection (I reviewed that one HERE).  

Here are some of her new bath salts, they smelled wonderful.  I love that Cynthia creates lightly scented products, nothing is ever overpowering or offensive to the nose.  She takes great care in creating products everyone can use and enjoy.  

6 Harts was a new displayer this year and I was so excited to see Courtney showing off her goods!  6 Harts is a fabulous brand and there is definitely an emphasis on quality of products here.  Her set up was clean and simple.  

And lookee here!  A brand new shade!  This is Not Taupical, a taupe/off white-ish holo!  It's gorgeous!  I possibly drooled on the bottle a little (or a lot).  Can't wait for this one to be released into the wild.  

Moving along I got to meet Amanda and her hubby from Native War Paints!  They are great people and let me tell you...Amanda had gorgeous hair and eyeshadow.  They displayed their super popular Sweaters line, the Labyrinth collection as well as loads of their neon shades.  I have tired a couple of their polishes before and was impressed with the quality.  You can see my post of a couple of the No Sanctuary Collection HERE.     

The most lovely Kendahl from Firecracker Lacquer was a maker displaying her polish.  I love her display with the candy and firecrackers.  She brought a good selection of her core line as well as the Drinks On The Beach Duo (my post is HERE) and her polish from the Happy Birthday Harry Potter Box (my post is HERE).  

Here's Anonyous Lacquer's set up!  I got to meet Mildred and she was very sweet.  I've always liked her Mardi Gras-Carnival theme and she used that same theme for her booth decorations.  She displayed lots of lovely polish, but the neons really caught my eye!   

There was also a bowl of lotion bars and cuticle oils.  I'm looking forward to trying the lotion bar!  It looks so easy to use.  

Loucie from Lou It Yourself was there too!  I liked her setup.  The white serving plate made those vibrant color pop even more.  

I was interested in the Tater Tarts, wax melts that Lou makes too!  She had some nice bath bombs as well.  Everything smelled great.  

Did you know Lou also makes body lotion!?

Colors by Llarowe brought tons of polish from her lineup!  I saw core colors, newer collections, Vegas exclusives.  

Here's the upcoming The Journey Collection.  It represents Leah Ann's mental/emotional state going through some tough times.  The collection starts out dark and moody and gradually you see the colors getting lighter, happier, and feel a shift in the creating mood.  Sorry for the dark picture...check out the nail wheel below for better shots of the colors.  

Better bottle shots the lovely Sheila at Pointless Cafe.  

Shades are from left to right: The Darkest Days, Dangerous Thoughts, Empty Heart, Dance With The Devil, The Journey Begins, Worn Out Running Shoes, Healing Waters, Family, Friends, Out Of The Darkness, Brighter Days and Ray Of Sunshine.  The Journey Collection will be available on September 1st.  

In my whirlwind through the room I stopped by the Baroness X booth but Demetria wasn't there right then.  So sadly I didn't get any information about upcoming collections.  But the polishes displayed are gorgeous, of course!  Baroness X has that classy but vampy appeal.  

I did have to tell my hubby to not eat those sugary balls because they aren't candy.  They are actually Sugared Baubles, which I think you can use to scrub all over your body!  

Another product I was happy to see in person was the Vegan Jelly Soap.  This stuff is wiggly and jiggly and glows like neon radioactive goop!  I definitely want to try this stuff out because it's hecka cool.  I think my kids would love to wash with it as well.  

I, A.M...Custom Color had a fun and whimsical set up!  I loved her peacock feather and all the little sugar scrubs that looked like candies.  Yes, I again had to tell my Mr. to not eat them.  Ashlie was a doll, I really enjoyed chatting with her.  She had loads of enthusiasm and it was infectious.  

The lotions and cuticle oils smelled fabulous!  And the polish colors were all gorgeous.  This is a brand I want to get to know better!

Right next door was Joy Lacquer.  She's my neighbor to the north in Washington.  This was another booth that had plenty of items aside from posh to check out!  I love trying lotion, cuticle oils, all that fun stuff!  Again, this is a new to me brand and I am definitely looking forward to placing some orders to get to know Joy Lacquer better!  

Fair Maiden Polish, definitely not a new comer to the indie after party or to any indie lovers collection!  I was happy to meet Adrienne in person!  Fair Maiden had lots of beautiful polish to show off that night, neons, shimmer, pastels, something for everyone!  That top tier was full of especially lovely colors.  I believe that was The Feline Catty Collection.

The Rainbow Brights...

Darling Diva Polish had a very Marilyn-esque display!  Pink, sparkles, diamonds, jelly beans! So up my alley!  Carrie brought her most recent collection, Watch Your Pack as well as the 3 Las Vegas exclusives!  I have those to swatch and can't wait to try them...they are gorgeous.  

Australia brand alert!!  Powder Perfect was there!!  EEE, how exciting is that??  Jacinta was a sweet, soft spoken lady.  She has a lot to show, posh, cuticle care, stamping plates, stampers, all awesome.  I am very excited to try this brand out as I know it has quite a following.  I must be living under a rock that I had none up until now.  

Showing off some stamping and fabulous colors.  

Stamping supplies.  

Can you say Halloween??!!  

Cupcake Polish, one of the hostesses, had a fun luau themed display.  Sara went with vibrant colors, pineapples, hibiscus flowers, wisk me away to Hawaii already!  Front and center was the upcoming Luau Collection.  It launches later this month and I'll have swatches to share *hopefully* this week! 

Glisten & Glow, another of the hostesses, also had a fun themed display.  It was all pirates and buried treasure.  Jill focused her display on the new Pirate's Booty collection.  Deeper, jewel toned holos.  This collection releases later this month and I'll have swatches to share with you soon! 

And last but not least is Different Dimension.  The 3rd hostess of the Cocktails & Colors event.  Missi also went with an ocean themed display (are you sensing a trend here amongst these besties?).  Her new collection is called Pretty Nauti, it was the focal point of the table.  Thought those brights on the top tier made me bit like a moth to a flame.  The Pretty Nauti Collection launched just this past Friday and you can see my partial post HERE...I'll have the rest up this week!

New cuticle oil scents...they are all awesome!  

I only got a couple pictures of ladies while at the event.  Here I am with my bestie, Michelle from Ehmkay Nails.  Look at our matchy dresses!  

Snagged this pic from Courtney.  

And this is one of Michelle and I with Carrie!  I also stole this pic, it's Carrie's.  

And that's all she wrote folks!  Cocktails & Colors was an amazing experience.  I love catching up, meeting new bloggers and makers, giggling with old friends.  Snacks and adult beverages are fun too.  I can't wait to see these ladies again next year!  2017...I'm counting the days.  

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