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CosmoProf North America 2016: Nail Product Coverage

Good morning lovelies!  I'm sure you all know that CosmoProf North America was held in Las Vegas this past July.  This is a huge beauty convention with loads of very well known companies, smaller companies and brand spanking new companies trying to break out on the scene.  It's a 3-day event, and you definitely need at least 2 days to see everything and attend all the parties.  CPNA fell on a later date than it usually does so it wasn't really great with my personal schedule, and I was only able to go in for a day and a few hours the following morning.  But I saw a ton and have lots to share with you!  I decided to split my pictures up into 2 posts, nail brands and beauty brands.  I'll start with nail since that's kind of my thing.  I hope you like my coverage of the event!

*event coverage*

So let's start with Morgan Taylor!  Before I talk about the Fall line, let me tell you that Morgan Taylor is now being carried in Ulta!  You can find about 48 shades in your local Ulta.  With that said, Fall brings us the Sweetheart Squadron, a nice collection of muted and dusty colors.  Perfect for fall.  There will be a Gelish line for these as well and you'll see them in store this month!

Halloween brings us Dia de los Muertos.  The colors in this mini set are all core shades, and you will be able to get the glow in the dark polish in full size.  

Street Beat is the Summer collection.  They aren't neon, but they are very vibrant - I especially like that taxi cab yellow.  

Morgan Taylor is also releasing the Max React Line.  It's focused on strengthening nails.  It has a 5-free formula and comes in 3 different finishes.  You'll be able to find this in October.  

I stopped by Red Carpet Manicure this year and was happy I did!  I love when companies put together a cohesive kit that takes the guess work out of it for you.  Red Carpet has several kits that provide you with gel polish, a light, base and topcoats and anything else needed.  This fun set is the Summer Kit.  You get all 5 bright shades of gel polish and the fun patterned fabric under them is a bag!  You get that too.  

Hello holo!  This kit includes gel, remover, base, topcoat, and a lamp!  
This specific kit is a Nordstrom exclusive.  

Another kit, similar but comes in a gold metallic carrying case.  

And then there's this awesome train case!  

Ella + Mila isn't a new brand and I was happy to see they had a booth at CPNA again this year.  I love the colors they have available and that it's meant to be a mommy & me polish line.  There were a couple new things going on over there too!  

There is a new matte topcoat and it looked amazing!  The perfect amount of matte, not too satin or harsh.  There is also Take It Off, a cuticle remover and Oil Me Up, a cuticle oil.  

There were tons of nail wheels out to look at, but I didn't want to overwhelm you and am only sharing  2.  You can see that there are 2 of each color, 1 with glossy topcoat and 1 with matte.  See what I mean about the matte topcoat?  

And of course there is the Soy Polish Remover.  Not harsh on your nails or skin.  Safe to use on your littles.  

Isn't it cute how the polish collection s on the front of the bottle?  Makes it easier to remember where the polish came from.  

Londontown USA is another new to me brand.  Though I have heard of it, I haven't had a chance to try it out!  I'm looking getting some Londontown on my nails AND testing Smudge Fix.  Look at some of these lovely colors they have to offer us consumers.  I was told that it's recommended to use thinner coats with this polish.  

Here's their nail treatment lineup.  The topcoats have a UV layer in it.  

And here's Sumdge Fix!  This stuff is awesome!  I got to see a demo of it in action and I am seriously excited to try it out.  It's an instant fix to any smudge.  It's recommended that you use topcoat after fixing your nail.  

Made a quick stop at The Painted Nail and said hell to Katie.  She had her gels displayed in their pretty new bottles...they're shimmery white and very pretty.  She also had a new mini steamer.  

Then I moved along to Color Club.  It's always a fun booth to see, loads going on, bright colors and Robert Nguyen.  He's great!  He toured me and my friends through the XL booth and here's what we saw!  The Oil Slicks are going strong (and damnit I still don't have any) and these are special because they are a trip-chrome...yes tri!  So they shift between 3 colors. 

Midnight Muse is the Fall collection.  It had its of pretty colors in there...I took some bottle shots for you to oogle at.  You can find Midnight Muse in store and online this month.  

Hard to capture in a picture, but there are leopard spot glitters in this one!  

English Garden...I don't think we covered this one actually, but I really liked the colors so I'm sharing the picture with you.  

Heat Index is a line of color changing polishes.  They change colors with your body temperature.  It's a 3 color changer!  That's pretty dang cool.  This collection is in stores now.  

And now we've arrived at Nailmoji.  This is a super fun collection full of glitters (either neon or holo) and emoji shaped glitters!  Hearts, smiley faces, lips, ghosts and poops.  The glitters are larger than the normal glitters, but they do lay flat on the nail.  It was suggested that you used 2 layers of topcoat for a completely smooth finish.  

Under My Spell is the winter collection and specifically focused on winter whites.  It's a gorgeous collection that reminds me of fur and cashmere, luxurious.  This should be hitting stores in October/November.  

There are also lots of new collection for the gel line, 50 new colors actually!  Here's the LE Glow in c
ollection.  There are 3 different glow colors.  

In The Mood is a color changing gel collection.  

New gel soak off...this one is peach scented.  

This one is citrus scented.  

Oh yes, there's this new lamp to cure your gel polish with!  It's pretty nifty, with finger placements on the plate and everything!  It's a pearly/shimmery white so it's also very pretty.  

OMG!  Color Club stamping plates!  These are awesome, I can't wait for them to come out.  They will also be selling crystal clear stampers.  

Alice in Wonderland themed.

David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust!  YES!

And then this hilarious unicorn plate.  

Orly had a new collection to share...Mulholland.  I like that it's a nod to LA, where the company is based.  This collection is beautiful, kind of grungey and reminds me of the 90's.  It's their Fall collection.  You can get Mulholland in the Gell effects and Epix line.  

But what Orly was really showcasing is their new Beathable line.  It's got O2 technology so your nails can breathe and grow.  It's also moisturizing with organ oil in the formula.  No base or topcoat is needed with this polish.  Paint me interested.  I have a few of these to try out so I'll let you know how they work.  

Made another quick stop and Impala to see what's new with this brazilian brand!  Look at those awesome bright shades with contrasting neon caps.  Atitude Neon definitely has my attention!

Here's another new collection.  Glitters!  This collection is called Brilliant Glam.  I don't believe this or the Atitude Neon collection are available yet.  

Just wanted to show you these cool neon nail tools.  Yeah, I'm gonna need these.  

A new to me brand that I am looking forward to trying is Indie Girl.  They focus on gel polish and have 140 colors!  Their gels are 7 free and is soakable.  They also have something called a builder gel (I'll have to look into what that is).  There is also a lacquer line which is 5 free.  This brand is available online.  Look at this cute "tool" tote for your nail polish things.  

Mighty big display of gel polish!  

Some of the available colors.   

I did swing by the China Glaze booth but the majority their products are under embargo. I'll have swatches of the Rebel collection soon to share with you.  But I can show you that Seche is making a push to revamp!  Seche Premier Color is a new hybrid system.  You use base, color and sealant (not Seche Vite).  It comes in a new bottle shape that is reminiscent of an hourglass and it very pleasing to the eye.  There are 32 shades available at Sally's and you can get them now.  

Bonita had a nice set up with lots of gel polish to show off.  Are you sensing the trend this year?  Loving this neon collection!  

Here are some nice shades for Fall!

Of course everyone loves Halloween polish!  These are super cute!  And they come with nail stickers.  

This cuticle oil looked nice.  I like the brush/pen style.  

New to me stamping brand!  This was an exciting booth!  Moyra Stamping is a game change people.  Amazingly detailed plates and a staff that is doing thing you wouldn't even think of.  First of all they had Andrea Szalay, aka Norka showing how to do the stamping.  She showed us how to stamp with the chrome powder that everyone is using right now.  

Steps:  Buff nail.  Use foil glue on plate and rush off excess.  Work the chrome pigment into the plate.    Pick up the design and stamp on nail.  Top with gel.  


Ok, now here's tons of pictures of Moyra's products.  Stampers, plates, decals, and examples!


And now the more well know stamping brand...Moyou London.  They have a new latex barrier and a topcoat that all stampers will want!  NO STREAKING AT ALL!  

New lacquer line!  Look at these loverly colors.  

Big, transparent stampers that have a cover for the top and bottom.  

New plate collection called Arabesque.  2nd from left on the bottom row.  

And an example of stamping with the topcoat used almost immediately after.  

And that's my recap of the nail products!  I hope you liked it and were able to hang through the whole thing!  Just imagine how long it took to get through the convention floor!  I'll leave you with a couple pics of me with some of my nail blogging friends!  

Michelle (Ehmkay Nails), Me and Nina (Model City Polish) goofing off in front of a mirror at an after party.  

Morning in the convention...where do we go first?  Left to right; Me, Jenne (Polished Pathology), Michelle (Ehmkay Nails), Courtney (Polished Lifting).  

And a big group shot.  L-R: Melissa (The Daily Nail), Jenne (Polished Pathology), Courtney (Polished Lifting), michelle (Ehmkay Nails) and Me!  

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