Friday, June 30, 2017

ellagee July Polish Pick Up; Hard Cider

Afternoon friends!  I've got one more polish from the July Polish Pick Up to share with you today!  This one is from ellagee and it's called Hard Cider.  Mmmm, looks yummy!  If you love browns and love holo then you will LOVE this polish.  As I mentioned in the last couple posts/ can purchase the July "cocktail" themed polished from the Polish Pick Up from 7/7-7/10.  You never have to pay for polish in a box that you don't like, you only buy the shades you can't live without!  I think it's a fantastic concept!  Alrighty then, let's check out Hard Cider!

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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stella Chroma July Polish Pick Up; Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule

Morning beauties!  Making another quick post today before my vacation day gets started!  Also, please excuse any typo's...I'm using my kids laptop (not theirs, just the one they use) so it's sticky keys and gross and I don't like using it).  Anywho, I've got another Polish Pick Up to share with you, this one is created by Stella Chroma.  It's a gorgeous shade, full of flakies, inspired by a Blackberry Mint MoscowMule.  Sounds delicious.  The details for the Polish Pick Up are as follows...lots of makers create something to go with the theme, which is 'cocktails' for July.  You only buy what you want! That's it!  This beauty will be available from 7/7-7/10 on the Polish Pick Up site.  Ok, let's jump in to the post!

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Alter Ego Nail Enamels July Polish Pick Up Exclusive: Silver Cocktail

Good morning loves.  I'm on vacation again.   So please excuse the shortness of this post, I'm trying to get my kids down to breakfast before we head out for a fun day.  I'm going to share a couple of the July Polish Pick Up shades, all inspired by cocktails!   Alter Ego will have this silvery holo beauty available with the monthly selections.  It's called Silver Cocktail and I'll be available from 7/7 to 7/10.  It's going to cost $7 per bottle.  The great thing about the Polish Pick Up is that you don't have to subscribe, thus getting stuck with 1 or 2 bottles that you don't love.  You get to pick which shades you love and only buy those!  Alrighty, let's jump in!

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Highlight Metallic Matte Lipstick; Desert Mirage & Rare Nebbiolo

Morning beauties!  I have makeup to share today, yay!  I know you are all on the quest for the perfect lippie, just like I always am.  I've found some gems along the way and some that aren't so great.  I am thrilled to share Highlight Cosmetics with you today.  It's a makeup brand, specializing in liquid lipsticks made from natural ingredients such as turmeric, green tea and sea kelp (just to name a few).   Highlight Cosmetics is made in the USA, and is gluten, parade and cruelty free.  How cool is all that?  And these gorgeous lipsticks really pay off in color and wear time.  There are 10 shades to choose from, both plain matte and metallic matte.  They are $25 each.  Okie dokie, shall we jump in to the post?  Let's go!

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Stella Chroma Premiere Collection

Good morning lovelies!  I feel like it's been a while!  I had quite a bit going on, preparing for the last day of school, Promotion, a short vacation, a half marathon, packing my oldest for an international soccer camp...So much to do, so little time.  So I'm once again playing catch-up.  Let's start with some exciting news.  You've probably heard that Paint Box Polish is no more, but it's not gone.  Stella Chroma will be launching on 6/29 and it's an absolutely gorgeous transformation.  The branding and bottles are so classy, with a boutique feel.  I'm excited to be sharing the Premiere Collection with you now!  
A big change happening is that Stella Chroma will be a charity brand!  Pam is a Nurse Practitioner and has nieces that are very interested in science.  Stella Chroma will be promoting STEM careers by partnering with different organizations each quarter.  The initial quarter will be donating a portion of sales to IGNITE (Inspiring Girls Now In Technology) which is a non-profit that introduces girls in grades 6-12 to technology and engineering careers.  Check out their website for more info!  
BUT WAIT there's more!  There's also a giveaway for an uber gorgeous Coach holo wristlet!  Making a purchase in the first week will qualify as an entry.  You can get more entires by sending friends to Stella Chroma to shop and having them enter your name in the notes!  *Wristlet will be mailed to the winner*  Ok, now that all those details have been divulged let's jump in and look at polish!  
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Friday, June 9, 2017

Born Pretty Store Magnet Pen

Happy Fri-YAY!  Do you have plans for the weekend?  I have none.  NONE!  No soccer tournaments, no baseball games, no parties, nothing.  I can sit at home in my pjs all weekend long should I chose to.  But I don't.  I like to go out and will likely hit up the beach or the pool.  I also like this post a lot because it made me bust out one of my old magnetic polishes to play with it again!  Remember how those were all the rage in like 2013?  Well let's bring them back!  I had a good time trying to remember the little tricks to get the magnet and polish to work together.  This Magnet Pen was so much easier to use than the magnets that were available to us a few years back.  You can purchase this product HERE for $2.09 or you can click the link below and browse other magnetic polish items in the Born Pretty shop.  Save 10% off your entire order using my code JTOW10.  

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

ellagee Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Morning beauties!  Happy Thursday!  The weekend is sooooo close, can you taste it?  Today I'm back with another post featuring a lovely polish from ellagee.  Absinthe Makes the Heart Grown Fonder is a new polish in the shop and it's available for purchase now.  This is going to make your green-loving heart squee and it's a great Summer shade too.  You can pick this green holo up for $13.  Alrighty, let's jump in and check it out!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ellagee I'm Peach

Evening all!  Hanging out with my fan watching the Warriors (I am by no means a basketball fan so I'm not really paying attention) and taking a break from cleaning my house.  I am pretty beat actually, the cleaning and few errands I did today really wiped me out.  I am fighting a cold so I'm super blah.  But this polish is the absolute opposite of super blah.  It's pretty fan-flipping-tactic actually.  And it has me in the mood for the heat...BRING IT ON SUMMER!  Alrighty, so I'm Peach is available now for $12, $8 of which will be donated to the ACLU in your name! Let's jump in and check it out. 

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Morgan Taylor Selfie Summer 2017 Collection

Afternoon dears!  Happy Tuesday!  I've got some vibrant polish to share with you today, a collection from Morgan Taylor to be exact!  This is the Selfie Summer collection and it's full of fun, bright, in your face colors that you are totally going to want on your nails this Summer!  The Selfie Summer collection is available now, in both regular and gel polish.  The regular polishes will cost you $9 each are are on the Morgan Taylor website.  The gel version of these colors will be $12.99 each and you can pick them up at Sally's.  Do yourself a favor and head over to pick some up!  Ok let's talk polish!

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Alter Ego Nail Enamel; Fantastic Flakies Group Custom Abie's Irish Rose

Afternoon beauties.  I was super busy this past weekend so I didn't have a chance to post anything for you to read.  Sorry 'bout that!  I play in a sand soccer tournament, my son was in a tournament and I also had regular league games.  So yup, I'm officially tan.  And now I'm catching up again (aren't I always?).  So let's start with this green, flakie polish from Alter Ego!  It's called Abie's Irish Rose and it's a custom for the Fantastic Flakies Facebook group.  You know the must be a member to purchase the polish!  I'll provide you with the links below.  Abie's Irish Rose is available now to members and is $4.50/$9 depending on the bottle size.  Ok let's jump in and check it out!

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Fantastic Flakies: Facebook

Thursday, June 1, 2017

KBShimmer Holo-Manics Group Custom #25 - Holo Can You Go

Evening y'all!  I meant to share this post a few hours ago but hello, mom of boys.  I ended up in the ER instead of getting to type.  But the good news is no broken bones and I can share the post now!  Ok, now that that's behind us, let's check out the KBShimmer custom for the Holo-Maniacs group!  This is Holo Can You Go, it's custom #25 for the group.  You can purchase this straight from KBShimmer but the link is only shared in the Holo-Maniacs Facebook group.  I'd highly suggest you go join if you are a fan of all things holo.  Holo Can You Go is $9.25.  I know there are 90 bottles available right away and once those are gone the sale becomes a pre-order.  I'm not sure where they're at currently but you'll get your pretties no matter what.  Ok, so let's jump in and check out the polish!

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