Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Guest Post from The Ides of Polish!

Hi!  I'm Kim from the Ides of Polish here to do a guest post for My Nail Polish Obsession.  Please stop by my blog or Facebook page to see my other manis!  A couple of months ago, I purchased Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate from Mei Mei's Signatures.  A day or two after I purchased it, I saw that it was pretty much a dupe for Layla Coffee Love, which I'd just gotten in the mail from Sally Magpies the month before.  I was a little annoyed with myself because first, I'm not a HUGE brown nail polish lover and second, I try really hard not to have too many dupes.  But there wasn't a lot I could do about it until I got both of them to compare.

So, here's a comparison between Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate, Layla Coffee Lover, OPI DS Illuminate and Cirque Never Nude.  I added the other two to the comparison because they're also brown shades and holographic.  I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base with all the polishes just because I'd used it with the EP Hot Chocolate for the full mani that I've had on a couple of days now.  These are all with W7 Top Coat, as well.

As you can see, the EP and Layla aren't EXACT dupes but they're close enough.  I got the Layla for £5 on sale and the EP for around $20Us (I believe, could have been £20, I can't remember anymore).  So, if you can get the Layla and can't get your hands on the EP because of the crazy restocks, then I think you should be set for a gorgeous brown holo. But, saying that, I do prefer the EP, not sure why.  The OPI has a beautiful green flash that I couldn't quite capture with my camera.  And this was the first time trying out the Cirque and it looks amazing. Can't wait to try it out as a full mani!!

As I said, I purchased Enchanted Polish Hot Chocolate from Mei Mei's Signatures, but it doesn't seem to be on there anymore.  I'm not sure if it was limited edition. You can also purchase EP from their site but their restocks are crazy quick and I think it's the same for any of the other retailers.  Also available at Harlow & Co and Llarowe.

I purchased the Layla from Sally Magpies in the UK but can also be purchased from Ninja Polish in the US and they ship worldwide.

The OPI I purchased from ebay.

The Cirque was given to me by Sally from Sally Magpies. Thanks Sally!!! ♥
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Guest Post from Sweet Southern Haze!

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Hey everyone!
Hazel here from Sweet Southern Haze, filling in for Jen while she's off on her fabulous vacation. When I think of vacation, especially in the summer months, my mind wanders off to beautiful beaches with clear blue water, colorful coral and gorgeous marine life. 

Although not aquatic-themed,  Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird LE fit what I had in mind.
Lynnderella's description - has assorted cyan and neon blue glitters accented with pink, green and red in an intensely cyan-shimmered clear base.

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Dontcha love glitter macros? I love macro bottle shots - I have page dedicated to Lynnderella Macros. It's a way for me to drool over my pretties when I'm can't get to the bottle. Yes, addict. I feel like Golem, fondling them and whispering, "my preciousssss...." This one especially makes me feel like breaking out and singing "Under da Sea!" :P

For Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird, I decided to layer it over Enchanted Polish Hazel's Dirty 30, a tiffany blue holo. I used the dabbing method to get even distribution on my nail. Lynderellas are so jam-packed with glitter, it only takes me one coat to get as much as I want on. It is love!
Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

So shimmery and pretty.
It really sparkles!! I love it so much.

I also happen to have Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue and wondered how they match up.

Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
made with assorted neon blue, green and pink glitters in a blue-green-pink shimmered clear base. It is actually quite delicate when applied due to the substantial shimmer.

Lynnderella One Very Cheeky Blye Bird

Very similar macros, no?
The Very Thought of Blue has more pink neon and lime glitters and also has a blue shimmery base, whereas One Very Cheeky Blue Bird is mostly clear.  The shimmer in The Very Thought of Blue is substantial and noticeable on the nail, especially on top of a darker color. On this base though, you can see it if you look closely. The major noticeable differences are the abundance of pink and lime glitters in The Very Thought of Blue.

Index & Ring: Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
Middle and Pinkie: One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Index & Ring: Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
Middle and Pinkie: One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Index & Ring: Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
Middle and Pinkie: One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Index & Ring: Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
Middle and Pinkie: One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

Top: Lynnderella The Very Thought of Blue
Bottom: One Very Cheeky Blue Bird

I happen to love the shimmer in The Very Thought of Blue! I think it would really pop over a darker color. I plan on doing a post for it on its own to showcase its beauty. It's so gorgeous and I love the more colorful glitters in it. One Very Cheeky Blue Bird is more versatile though with the clearer base - you can layer it over anything without it affecting the undie color underneath and it is has more sparkle. So both have their pluses!

What do you think?
Does it remind you of vacation?

Lynnderella is available here. One Very Cheeky Blue Bird and The Very Thought of Blue are LE, so they are available as "Auction Style" only. Regular Core Collection colors are available as "Buy It Now".
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Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post from honeymunchkin!

Hi everyone! My name is Emelie (weird spelling, I know, but you pronounce it just like the normal Emily), and I run a small nail polish blog called Honeymunchkin. The name Honeymunchkin started out as a nickname a friend gave me years back, and it just sort of stuck. But enough about me, I'm here to help Jen out with a guest blog post today, I hope you guys will like it!


I'm not quite sure what this kind of manicure is called. I've heard some of my fellow Swedish nailnerds call it a Pond Manicure, so that name stuck with me, but I've also heard it referred to as a "stampwich", but I think those involve actual stamping, and not just simple dots (or in my case, little hearts!). What would you call it?


I started out with a base coat and then added a few white hearts. I used a toothpick with a half-broken off tip to do the little hearts and an opaque white polish. Once they were dry I added a coat of China Glaze - Heat Index, a bold neon pink jelly polish from the Sunsational collection. Once the jelly was dried I added more hearts, not really caring if they over lapped, and kept doing that for a couple of turns, until I was happy with the result.


You can obviously do which ever pattern you want with this manicure. I've seen it with just dots, but also little flowers, blades of grass and other things! Go crazy!


Well, hope you're all enjoying summer as much as I am, and thanks to Jen for letting me post this on your wonderful blog! 

Happy summer and lots of love, Emelie/Honeymunchkin

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Guest Post from The Mani-Logues!

Hello readers of My Nail Polish Obsession! I'm so very excited to be guest posting today for Jen! I originally wanted to do a "Mommy and Me" mani with my daughter Violet (who is a few months older than Jen's daughter Naomi)... however, Violet did NOT want her fingernails painted these past few days. I was pretty bummed but I moved on and did my own mani for today!

If you follow my blog, The Mani-Logues, I mentioned in yesterday's post of ORLY Liquid Vinyl (a perfect 2 coat jet black crelly) that I would be adding a beautiful topper for today's post on this blog!

I chose ORLY Love Each Other because it is a beautiful fushcia pink/purple shifting shimmer topper and it totally fits Jen's style!

Love Each Other, is an older polish so it did need to be shaken very well to be sure I got a lot of that shifting micro shimmer/glitter on the brush for application. I used 3 coats on each nail over ORLY Liquid Vinyl. ORLY is 3 free but this one did have a strong smell to it (although that could just be my senses on overload again from the pregnancy heh).

The picture below is in DIRECT sunlight...

The 2 pictures below are in shaded sunlight...

Hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully Jen is enjoying her vacation! Thank you again to Jen for allowing me to guest post, it's been real ;) !


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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Guest Post from Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll!

Hi Everyone!  I am super excited to be doing a super fun guest post for Jen while she's away.  I really had no inspiration behind this mani, but as soon as I did it, I knew it was worthy of her lovely blog.

I wanted to create a really fun dotticure using a lot of different shades of one color and I have a ton a blues so my choice was easy.  I also wanted to add a little sumthin' sumthin' to it so I used a couple of textured polishes.
I started with 2 coats of Ulta Blue Streak and when it was pretty much dry, I started adding my dots.  The lightest blue is Orly Snowcone, the lighter textured dots are Zoya Nyx, the darker textured dots are OPI Tiffany Case, the dark blue is Zoya Song, and the darkest blue that looks almost black is Zoya Ibiza.
Here is a cool closeup so you can see all the colors better.  I'm not the biggest fan of blue, but I'm really loving this mani and will definitely be recreating again in different shades.  I've been playing around with the settings on my camera so I hope it's not blurry or anything.
Again, thank you so much to Jen for having me, and I hope you enjoy your amazing vacation.  Can't wait til you get back!  If you have a chance check out my blog too!  Polish. Glitter. Rock & Roll!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Guest Post from Life In Color!

Hello fans of My Nail Polish Obsession!

I’m Gosia, the editor-in-chief (LOLOL at me!) of Life InColor! aka Colorful Crack.  I am just thrilled to be here and guest post for Jen!  She is one of the sweetest people I met on Facebook!  I am so honored that she had asked me to entertain you today while she’s away on her vacation getting well-deserved rest =)

I knew that Jen really likes Elevation Polish so I decided to do a mani featuring one of the polishes from this brand.  Here is what I came up with:

Muztagh Ata is the polish I used for the base of my mani.  It is a dusty teal-ish blue with just a hint of holographic shimmer.  Two coats of perfectly flowing formula covered up my nails completely.

I stamped over my nails with a floral design from Cheeky Jumbo plate L.  It’s one of my favorite plates, it is so versatile!

Muztagh Ata is part of Elevation Polish View from the Top collection.  It is available for sale at Elevation Polish BigCartel site for $8.50/bottle.

I hope you all enjoyed looking at this polish!  If you have never tried Lulu’s brand (how is it possible????) you should definitely give it a whirl… With always perfect formula and outstanding color choices, Elevation Polish is one of the most upcoming indie brands!

Thank you, Jen, for letting me guest post!  I hope you’re getting lots of rest!!  Can’t wait to hear all about your vacation =))
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Guest Post from Superficially Colorful!

Hello beautiful readers! I am so happy and excited to be able to do this post while Jen is enjoying her vacation. I am Jin from Superficially Colorful. Lately I haven't been able to do any new manis due to some family issues but I hope that this mani that I did for Jen will be a new start for me and will allow me to do some more! 
Angry Birds over The Nail Junkie's jelly polishes
So for this mani I started with some delicious jelly polishes of my most favorite indie brand - The Nail Junkie. The first three - Green, Yellow and Red are from her Neon Shimmer Jelly line - Apple, Banana and Watermelon. The white is Snowflake and it is from the Christmas collection and the black is Black Cat from the Halloween collection, both can be found among The Nail Junkie's Holiday Polishes
The Nail junkie Black Cat Apple Banana Watermelon Snowflake
The Nail junkie Black Cat, Apple, Banana, Watermelon and Snowflake
The Nail junkie Black Cat Apple Banana Watermelon Snowflake
As for the nail art, I decided to try these Angry Birds that I see all over these days. Since my time was very limited, I needed to shorten the process. I used a stamping plate called CA that I once purchased from Bunny Nails to create the birds features and then I colored them with acrylic paints. One coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl Top Coat completed this fun look. 15 or maybe 20 minutes and I was done! 
Angry Birds over The Nail Junkie's jelly polishes
Angry Birds over The Nail Junkie's jelly polishes
Angry Birds over The Nail Junkie's jelly polishes
Angry Birds over The Nail Junkie's jelly polishes
I really hope that you like it as much as I do and I really hope that you think I took a good care of you while Jen is having a lot of fun on her vacation! Happy Summer Everyone and I hope to see you again!!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Guest Post from Ehmkay Nails!

Hi all and thanks Jen for inviting to post while you're on a fabulous vacation with your family! When I think of Jen, I think of HOLO and usually purple! So I think I need to celebrate that with some purple holos.
While I'm not obsessed with holographic polishes, I can appreciate the beauty. For this manicure, I used Enchanted Polish I'm Kind of a Big Deal and Jade FascĂ­nio Violeta. Each polish only needed two coats and they both applied amazingly well. The Jade has a much stronger linear holographic flame but I really like the Enchanted Polish as well. The Enchanted changes depending on the light source; sometimes it appears as a super rich lavender, other times it is more subdued. The Jade is a rich, dark purple. Together, it was purple yumminess.

Thanks again Jen for inviting Ehmkay Nails to be a guest on your blog. Can't wait to see your vacation pictures!

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