Monday, July 29, 2013

Guest Post from honeymunchkin!

Hi everyone! My name is Emelie (weird spelling, I know, but you pronounce it just like the normal Emily), and I run a small nail polish blog called Honeymunchkin. The name Honeymunchkin started out as a nickname a friend gave me years back, and it just sort of stuck. But enough about me, I'm here to help Jen out with a guest blog post today, I hope you guys will like it!


I'm not quite sure what this kind of manicure is called. I've heard some of my fellow Swedish nailnerds call it a Pond Manicure, so that name stuck with me, but I've also heard it referred to as a "stampwich", but I think those involve actual stamping, and not just simple dots (or in my case, little hearts!). What would you call it?


I started out with a base coat and then added a few white hearts. I used a toothpick with a half-broken off tip to do the little hearts and an opaque white polish. Once they were dry I added a coat of China Glaze - Heat Index, a bold neon pink jelly polish from the Sunsational collection. Once the jelly was dried I added more hearts, not really caring if they over lapped, and kept doing that for a couple of turns, until I was happy with the result.


You can obviously do which ever pattern you want with this manicure. I've seen it with just dots, but also little flowers, blades of grass and other things! Go crazy!


Well, hope you're all enjoying summer as much as I am, and thanks to Jen for letting me post this on your wonderful blog! 

Happy summer and lots of love, Emelie/Honeymunchkin

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  1. Åh sååå fint du gjort. Gillar att du gjorde hjärtan för de mer vanliga prickarna. Härliga färger. :-)

  2. Beautiful! Love the colors you chose!

  3. I've seen it called a jelly sandwich.

    1. I think a jelly sandwich usually refers to a jelly-jelly-glitter-jelly layering :)

  4. I love this!! I need to try this for my next manicure. great job!!