Monday, July 1, 2013

Lumina Lacquer Summer Town

Happy July polish friends!  I'm super excited for this month because of fireworks, celebrations, bbq's, vacation, my 9th wedding anniversary, concerts, the list is long and I can go on and on.  July is going to be great!  Can't you feel it?  Well I'll start July with this amazing glitter bomb from Lumina Lacquer.  I am a huge fan of Lumina Lacquer!  I just love her glitter combinations and the fact that she goes all out with huge glitters in fun shapes and colors!  You can find Lumina Lacquer on Facebook, IG (luminalacquer) and the website (you know - for shopping purposes).  

If you love pink and black then Summer Town is for you! If you love glitter bombs then Summer Town is for you too!  Summer Town was released in early June and I literally couldn't get my hands on it fast enough.  All the teaser pics on IG were so torturous!  Tatiana, the creative genius behind Lumina Lacquer, describes Summer Town as "A variety of neon pinks and other shades of pink with black accents."   I love that there are so many different shapes of glitter in her polishes and ST is no different.  Circles, hexs, squares, hearts, stars, diamonds!  Fun!  I started this mani with 2 coats of Alter Ego Jewlery Box Ballerina - a soft and delicate pink with silvery flecks.  I then used 2 coats of ST.  I was very pleased with the amount of glitter that came out with each brush dip.  The glitter spread easily on my nails and laid flat.  I used 1 layer of thick topcoat to keep everything smooth and glossy.  

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  1. Look at that yummy circle glitter! I just bought my first Lumina during her last restock :-D Beautiful swatches Jen, Jewelry Box Ballerina was the perfect undies for this!

    1. Ooh, what did you get Dani? Thanks for the sweet comment and following my blog! <3