Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Elevation Polish Skittles

Another good morning here at My Nail Polish Obsession!  I hope the day finds you well and happy!  I'm happy because I get to share this fun skittle mani featuring some gorgeous Elevation Polishes!  Lauren (also know as Lulu) makes some really beautiful polish - she puts out shimmer, jelly, glitter and cremes like no ones business!  She's started to release a few holos (oh GAWD hide my wallet) and her one of a kind and small batch samples are highly coveted.  You can follow Lulu's blog to get store updates (sign up by with your email) and purchase polish in the store.  Llarowe also recently started to carry Elevation Polish and has a few exclusive colors (you will be mine some day Wuyi Mt).  With all the info stated how about I get on with the polish and pictures!

Thumb: 2 coats of Freeway Park
Index: 2 coats of Ubsunur (I won this from a giveaway hosted by Lovely Little Things - thanks SuiLing!  I love it!)
Middle: 2 coats of Ubsunur topped with 1 coat of Lake MTKA
Ring: 2 coats of Freeway Park, saran wrap method Mountain Mint on top
Pinky: 3 coats of Mountain Mint

I don't even feel like I need to give you descriptions of these polishes.  Just look at them - they are stunning!  The shimmer in Freeway Park and Ubsunur is amazing.  Lake MTKA is a fun and versatile glitter topper that will look wonderful over a variety of bases.  And Mountain Mint - well I was lemming that baby pretty hard and I am so very happy I have this lovely shimmery minty blue in my collection!  Each polish had wonderful formula/application with no problems to report.  I used 1 layer of topcoat to finish the mani.

*Just an FYI - Freeway Park has been discontinued and Ubsunur is in the Last Call section so if you like it snag one quickly!  Once it's gone it's gone! 
**Mountain Mint and Lake MTKA were small batch samples

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