Friday, September 27, 2019

Nail Hoot: NOLA Quartet

Evening dears!  I've got a post for a gorgeous quartet that released this evening! First of all, the quartet was inspired by Nail Hoot's recent trip to New Orleans. You had me at New Orleans, I am all about it!  Each one is a fabulous color, with a nice helping of delicate shimmer or flakes.  You'll be able to purchase the NOLA Quartet individually for $7.99 each or $29.29 for the full sized set.  Let's jump in and heck them out!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Dreamland Lacquer: In The Shadows, Falloween 2019

Evening friends!  I'm so excited it's Fall and almost Halloween.  It's my favorite time of the year for so many reasons but mainly because I think the polish collections that come out are always amazing! Dreamland usually does some type of Halloween trio but this year we got lucky with a 4-piece collection inspired by the TV show What We Do In the Shadows.  In the Shadows will be available on 9/27, 2pm Central.  Per the usual protocol, it's a 48 hour preorder and they'll be $10 each.  They'll be added to the shop again sometime in early October for $11 each. Let's jump in and check them out!

Monday, September 23, 2019

Stella Chroma: October Trio, 2019

Hullo, hullo!  Monday, you weren't so bad!  I got to the gym for a weight lifting sesh with friends and then even ran a few miles on the treadmill.  Polishing off the rest of the birthday cake in my house pretty much negated any good I did earlier, oh well, it's a step in the right direction!  

I have a beautiful trio to share with you this evening, the Stella Chroma October Trio.  These pink beauties are different shades and finishes, so truly something for everyone here.  Pam will be donating a portion of the sales to her local hospital to help pay for mammograms for women who don't have health insurance.  These are not LE, but only the sales in October will go towards the donation.  You can pick these up for $12-$13 each or $33 for the trio (only until 10/11).  Let's jump in and see what the October Trio is all about!

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Alter Ego: September 2019 Group Custom - Autumn Auric

Oh yeah!  It's the weekend! We've got a busy couple of days but it should be a good time.  I'm hoping to get a few minutes here and there to swatch and prep a few posts.  I'm happy to start my Saturday off sharing a gorgeous polish with you.  Autumn Auric is Alter Ego's September Fan Group Custom.  This beauty is available until the end of the month and is $10.  And as always, you can save 20% off your entire order using my code My Nail Polish Obsession. Let's jump right in to the post!

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Fit Snack Box: August 2019

Friday!  We have made it to the weekend!  Today I got the chance to nosh on some tasty snacks earlier today and no better time than now to share them with you.  This is the August Fit Snack box.  I was really happy that it was full of so many products I haven't tired before.  This box is available for a few more days, until 9/15.  Then you'll have to wait for the September box to come out.  Don't forget you can save 30% on your first box using my link HERE.  Let's check out the food!
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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Stella Chroma: Orange You Glad To Be Here Group Custom, September 2019 - The Ides of Autumn

Hi friends!  It's hump day and the weekend is so close I can taste it! I have a quickie little post featuring one of the loveliest orange polishes I have put on this year.  You know I am a fan of orange and this gorgeous one made me swoon.  Stella Chroma created The Ides of Autumn exclusively for the Orange You Glad To Be Here group.  Make sure you join the group so you can pick up this polish.  The Ides of Autumn will be available 9/6 - 9/31 for $12 on the Stella Chroma site.  Let's check it out!

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Makers Dozen, September 2019: Alter Ego - Western Bluebird

Hey there friends!  Hope you had a great Saturday!  Just wanted to pop on while the kids are all quiet in front of their favorite babysitter (the tv and computer screens) to share the September Makers Dozen shade from Alter Ego.  The theme for the month is Birds and Alter Ego got the color clear.  You can purchase Western Bluebird through the entire month of September or until the 40 bottle cap is reached.  Each bottle is $10.  Let's jump in and check out the polish!

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Friday, September 6, 2019

Beauty Big Bang: Geometry Theme Nail Stamping Plate BBBXL-080

Good evening!  And happy Friday!  I am grateful for yet another weekend of no activities (mainly because the soccer games we would have been at, we aren't going due to a broken foot).  So we can relax and do lots of nothing.  Which will be great for me since I am once again not feeling well.  Ok, October is going to be my month.  Tonight I wanted to share a quick stamping plate post with you.  This is the Geometry Nail Stamping Plate, BBBXL-080.  It's got really cool geometric and repeating patterns on it.  I want to play with several of these but one day I had an orange polish on and really wanted to go with a tiger vibe.  You can pick up the Geometry Nail Stamping Plate HERE for $2.99.  And you can save 10% off regular priced items using my code Obsession.  Let's check out the plate!

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Born Pretty Store: Neon Stamping Polish, #46659

Good morning!  Welcome to another addition of Jen pretends she's a nail artist with her mediocre stamping skills.  Ha, I'm just joking!  The more I stamp, the better I'm getting.  I think it's just a matter of practice and finding the time to actually try out different things.  So I received these uber awesome neon stamping polishes and sat looking at them, wondering how I was going to use them.  Then I had an a-ha moment to try them over coordinating glitter crellies!  Outcome - AMAZING!  Then I went even further and tried them out together!  Ok ok ok, no more talking, let's look at my pictures.  And you can purchase these (or any of the other neon stamping shades) HERE for $3.59 each.  Use my code, JTOW10 for 10% off.  Let's jump in and see how I used these.   

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Beauty Big Bang: Maple Leaf Theme Stamping Plate, SKU BBBXL-051

Howdy howdy!  Happy hump day!  Got a quickie little post for you.  I've been having a lot (I mean A LOT) of fun with stamping plates lately, trying out new things and designs.  I picked out this great mixed design plate from Beauty Big Bang recently, the Maple Leaf Theme Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-051.  The mixture of designs has a Lisa Frank feel and I totally want to try this with multiple colors over time.  This time I used black just to see how well the patterns worked.  You can purchase this plate HERE for $2.99.  And of course, you can save 10% using my code Obsession.  

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September 2019 Polish Pickup: Magic & Alchemy

Good morning!  Hope you enjoyed your Monday off, or at least a low key work day.  My fam-bam did nothing but laze around the house and hang out.  Though we did leave for dinner and enjoyed some live music. So Tuesday is kind of like Monday this week. The kids are back to school today and I'm jumping on the old bloggy blog to share some upcoming products that will be available in the PPU this month!  The theme for the month is Magic & Alchemy and I've seen some real beauties with the blogger previews!  The Pickups will be open from 9/6 - 9/9.  Let's jump in and see what I've got to share. 

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