Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Beauty Big Bang: Maple Leaf Theme Stamping Plate, SKU BBBXL-051

Howdy howdy!  Happy hump day!  Got a quickie little post for you.  I've been having a lot (I mean A LOT) of fun with stamping plates lately, trying out new things and designs.  I picked out this great mixed design plate from Beauty Big Bang recently, the Maple Leaf Theme Stamping Plate SKU BBBXL-051.  The mixture of designs has a Lisa Frank feel and I totally want to try this with multiple colors over time.  This time I used black just to see how well the patterns worked.  You can purchase this plate HERE for $2.99.  And of course, you can save 10% using my code Obsession.  

*press sample*

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Here's another shot of the plate so you can see the patterns better.

And here we have some of these fun patterns!  They are almost like "mixed media" clothing that is popular right now, mixing up two different fabric types.   But of course this is tow or more patterns.  I love the foliage and animal patterns.  The images picked up well, there were a few that didn't fully transfer the color but they still looked good.  Can you see the cat face?  So I used black stamping polish and then a no smudge topcoat.  

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  1. These stamp so nicely! Love these types of plates

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