Thursday, February 28, 2013

6 Harts Polish Bat Crap Crazy

Here is the 3rd polish in my 6 Harts Polish installment.  In case you missed the posts here are the links to Summer Skies and Cloud Sculptures.  I am smitten.  Bat Crap Crazy has knocked it out of the park for me!  

BCC is fantastic and I can't get enough of it!  It's hard to even describe the way it looks because in different lighting it appears to have different qualities.  In direct sunlight BCC is very shiny and really shows off the shimmer.  In indirect light it has a soft satin finish.  In the shade it appears to be an extra glossy shimmer.  However you would chose to classify it yourself it's gorgeous.  BCC is a deep brown colored polish with gold and holographic shimmer.  The formula was so smooth and creamy.  I had no application problems.  I used 2 coats of Bat Crap Crazy and 1 layer of topcoat.  

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*this polish was provided for my honest opinion and review
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6 Harts Polish Summer Skies

I'm excited to show you another 6 Harts Polish!  I really like the last one I reviewed, Cloud Sculptures, and this one is equally as well made.  Summer Skies really captures the essence of a beautiful blue summer sky.  Courtney was inspired by Montana summers and that big blue sky!  With this beautiful polish on and snapping pictures in the sunlight, I am longing for hot summer days!  

I'd say Summer Skies is a shade darker than baby blue and quite a lovely color!  Summer Skies is a nice creamy formula and it applied very nicely.  What I liked best about Summer Skies was the golden shimmer.  You can also see flashes of aqua and green shimmer.  I used 2 coats of Summer Skies for full coverage.  For a little extra flare I sponged CND 24K Sheer Sparkle on my tips to play off the shimmer.  I think they worked well together, don't you?  And that one "streak" of gold reminds me of a ray of sunshine.  1 layer of top coat for smooth, glossy nails.

You can purchase 6 Harts Polish on etsy and can follow them on Facebook for updates.  

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*the 6 Harts Polish was provided for my honest opinion and review

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Orly Hope and Freedom Fest!

I don't normally show entire collections in one post but this collection was so pretty I had to share it!  This is Orly Hope and Freedom Fest.  It's the Spring collection and will be released sometime in March.  I was lucky enough to win all 6 polishes in a giveaway hosted by Orly on their Facebook page back in December.  

I suppose I'll just delve in!  There are going to be lots of pictures so get ready!  And so I don't sound redundant at the end of each blurb, I used 1 layer of topcoat over each polish.  

Up first is Boho Bonnet, a light grey creme.  The color isn't overly unique but I don't have many grey cremes in my stash so I am Happy to have this one.  Boho Bonnet is beautiful on it's own but it will be a great base coat for many glitter polishes.  I used 2 coats of Boho Bonnet and the formula was smooth and glossy. 

Next is High On Hope.  This is a very pretty blue polish with a gold-red-purple shimmer.  It really has a glowing effect.  On the nail you lose the gold shimmer and see more of the red and purple.  High On Hope was a tad sheer and thin.  2 coats were enough to level it out and get full coverage.  *While editing my pictures I can see a few spots that seem thin, so I would suggest using 3 coats of High On Hope.  

And now for the other creme in the set…Coachella Dweller.  I've never been to Coachella, but I would imagine that the grass (if there is any) is this dusty spring pea green color.  Actually I imagine everything about Coachella is covered in a fine layer of dust.  Maybe I should go one year so I can know for sure.  Coachella Dweller was a tad patchy and I needed 3 coats to even it all out.  

Melodious Utopia, the second shimmer in the collection, is a sheer yellow with red-orange shimmer.  I know yellow is one of the harder colors to work with but I found Melodious Utopia very lovely.  Actually, it's my second favorite from the whole collection.  It was a nice formula that didn't come out streaky or patchy.  The shimmer is gorgeous in real life, but sure was hard to capture in pictures.  I can't wait to wear this color on my toes in the summer!  I used 3 coats of Melodious Utopia.

indoors with flash

Moving along….this is Elation Generation.  And this is my favorite.  Elation Generation is a coral-pink polish with holo particles.  It's so sparkly and girly and pretty.  The formula was great to work with.  I had no application issues and had full coverage in 2 coats.   This is definitely a polish I will be wearing throughout the summer months.  Heck, it might be my favorite pink in my whole stash.

And last but not least Peaceful Opposition.  The only actual glitter in the set.  Peaceful Opposition is a milky white based polish that's full of white and silver squares and silver hex glitters.  The formula was nice on this polish, no application problems.  I have 3 coats of Peaceful Opposition alone on my index and pinkie fingers.  On my middle and ring fingers it's 2 coats layered over Boho Bonnet.  This is definitely a layering polish so when you wear it have fun with it!  Try it over pink, purple, blue, anything!


*I won these polishes from a giveaway sponsored by Orly

So what do you think of the Hope and Freedom Fest collection?  I liked it a lot!  You can follow Orly on Facebook and on their website.

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