Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July Part 2!!

I'm baaaaack!  I couldn't do just one mani - nope, not me!  Here's another 4th of July mani for you to enjoy!  Maybe if you haven't done your nails yet you will get some inspiration from me or some of the other fabulous mani pics out there right now (blogger & non-blogger)!

This skittlette is so much fun!  I have been enjoying if for my second day now and I can't stop checking out my own nails!  
Here's the breakdown:
Thumb/ring: 2x NOPI Challenge Red-y, 2-3x Lumina Lacquer Young Americans
Index: 2x OPI Solitaire
Middle/pinky: 2x Ninja Polish Glamorous 

Young Americans is a fantastic red, white and blue glitter bomb.  It is so much fun, and I love David Bowie so how could I pass up on this polish?  YA is a clear base packed full of stars, hearts, circles, hexs, shards and micro glitter.  The formula and application was on par with all the other Luminas I have reviewed (awesome and gorgeous).  Tons of glitter came out with each brush dip and it spread easily on my nails.  I did use topcoat AND Gelous on the glitter nails to a smooth finish.  Glamorous is, well, what can I say.  It's amazing!  What a stunning blue holo it is.  And the formula?  To die for!  If you need a blue holo this is the one you should get!  I used 2 coats and 1 layer of topcoat. 

Social media links:
Lumina Lacquer: Facebook, Store, IG (luminalacquer)
Ninja Polish: FacebookStore, IG (ninja_polish)

Here are some prop pics...
this is one of Naomi's headbands 

 this is Naomi's 4th of July skirt

 party popper!!

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