Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rainbow Honey Fire Spring

Morning sure comes around fast these days!  So here we are again, looking at more nail polish!  You want to know something, I never get tired of it.  I know you don't either.  I have a couple more polishes to review form the recent Rainbow Honey Summer of 199X collection.  The Summer of 199X collection was inspired by the SNES game from the 90's called Earthbound.  If you missed my previous posts you can see Apple Kid/I Miss You HERE and Mint Flavor/I Miss You HERE.  You can follow Rainbow Honey of Facebook and IG (rainbowhoney).  You can purchase Rainbow Honey directly from the SHOP or from

This is Fire Spring.  Love the color, love the name.  Here's the description Dee gave for Fire Spring, "Fire Spring, a coppery orange shimmer, is bursting with holographic glitters and the glowing embers of the last sanctuary!"  This red-orange is truly one of my favorite colors to wear.  It just seems so alive!  Especially with those glowy glitters!  I used 2 layers of Fire Spring and found the formula to be a tad on the thick side but not difficult to work with.  Aside from being thick, the formula and application were good.  I used 1 layer of topcoat. 

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  1. That is perfect for summer. The golden sparkle in that makes me think of a sunset. I love that pretty coppery warm color. This looks similar to Hard Candy Piece of Papaya except this leans more orange but they both have that beautiful sunset glow and sparkle! Soooo pretty. This would be beautiful in a gradient mani fading to yellow.

  2. What a gorgeous gorgeous polish!