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Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Fan Favorites 2016 Collection

Good afternoon dears!  Sorry for going MIA in the last few days.  Just got home from vacation and I was pretty much dead.  Finally coming back up for air and I'm going to have to hustle butt to get these posts shared with you.  So let's jump in with the BEGL Fan Favorites!  These will be available today (8/24) at 3:30pm EDT.  I'm sure you are familiar with the Fan Favorites, but essentially Julie takes a poll of what regular  colors were most popular through the year and re-releases them.  It's a great opportunity to get the ones you missed out on, or found out about too late to purchase them.  Are you ready to take a look?  Here we go!

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BEGL Fan Favorites 2016
Let me start off with a sorry for the lobster hands!  My skin coloring is all over the place on this post and it's driving me nuts.  But you're here to look at the polish, not my hands.  This is Flash Forward Fantasy.  My first picture is a little dark, but the next couple are more on the money.  It's a lovely soft, ballet pink-nude with fuchsia shimmer.  I adore the color and the finish, it dries matte.  Formula and app were both great.  I sued 3 coats and no topcoat for the first 2 pictures.

Better lighting, more true to color, still no topcoat.  

With topcoat!  So glossy!

Another gorgeous, soft shade...this is Lilac Blondes On The Beach.  It's a silvery taupe with holo and purple shimmer.   Such a beauty.  Great formula and application.  I used 3 coats and finished with topcoat.  

Hydrangea is a beautiful light lilac with blue and purple shimmer.  I did find this one a bit streaky and hard to even out.  I ended up using 4 coats for full coverage.  I finished with topcoat.  

One of my favorite BEGL's of all time...Sordid End.  It's a stunning periwinkle shade with blue/aqua shimmer.  Sigh, just look at it.  So perfect.  Formula and application were fabulous.  3 thin coats and topcoat to finish.  

What's this?  I have 2 Sordid End's!  One on the left is the new version, one of the right is the original (don't quote me on that) version.  You can see they are very similar, nearly identical but with small differences.  The original has a more vibrant aqua flash, and is just a touch lighter and more blue in color.  

Here I have the original on my accent nail and as you can see the shimmery flash is brighter.  The formula on the original was a bit ore opaque, I only needed 2 coats.  

Macro to show the differences.  Left is new, right is original.  

One more comparison shot just for good measure.  

Moving along, here's She's Electricity.  It's a nice medium toned pink holo. Who don'ts love a good pink holo, amIright?  Great formula and application.  I had opaque coverage in 2 coats.  It does dry to a dull finish so topcoat is necessary.  

Fire in Your Eyes is a perfect hot pink-red full of purple shimmer.  This baby is a total stunna.  I love vibrant shades like this, all year round.  They make me happy.  Awesome formula and application.  I used 2 coats and finished with topcoat.  

I'm not a Dr. Who fan and have never even seen the show.  There, now you know my dirty little secret.  I'm probably one of the only 5/1000's of polish fan girls that isn't also a Dr. Who fan.  Hey, I move to my own music.  Anywho, this is I'm Dr. Martha Jones, Who the Hell Are You? and it's a gorgeous polish.  Jelly finish, fuchsia base with lots of gold shimmery flecks.  I also like that it dries to a soft matte finish so I showed it to you that way.  I used 3 thin coats and no topcoat.  

OK!  I wouldn't do that to it is WITH topcoat!  Isn't she a beauty??!!

Cold Inside Me is a nice teal full of the same shade shimmer.  Perfect Fall shade!  The formula and application were both also pretty darn perfect.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and topcoat to finish.  

The One Worth Leaving is another totally perfect Fall shade.  It's a nice, deep burgundy jelly with purple shimmer.  You know I love vampy colors like this so I was pretty excited to get this one on my nails.  Formula was nice and squishy, but it does dry dull.  You absolutely want topcoat to see all the glory of this polish.  I used 3 thin coats and topcoat to gloss things up.  

There will also be a couple other releases today!  This is XOXO, Siren.  It's a sharkskin blue-grey with blue and pink shimmer and what appear to be translucent flakes?  Let me tell you, this grey is gorgeous.  Kind of reminds me of a rainy, murky day.  Yup, another you can add to your "Need for the Fall" list.  I used 2 coats and topcoat.  Oh, formula and application were aces.  

Three Years and S-teal Going is a beautiful aqua with fuchsia shimmer and subtle flakes.  I liked the color but the formula was a little tricky.  I found it streaky/chalky and uneven.  I used 3 coats to try and even it all out but didn't want to go with a 4th because I didn't want it too thick.  I finished with topcoat.   

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