Sunday, June 9, 2019

KBShimmer; Seas the Day Collection, Summer 2019

Good morning, happy Sunday!  Hope you got to sleep in and maybe get out for a yummy breakfast or brunch!  Once you're done with pancakes and OJ I have a new collection for you to enjoy!  KBShimmer knocked it out of the park with this one - though I might be slightly biased because I have always liked the pastel-neons for the Summer.  These are super amazing with fantastic formula.  I even did some comparisons for you (yay me!).  This is the Seas the Day collection.  There are 7 pastel neons and 3 UCC flakie toppers.  They'll be available 6/14 and they're $10 each.  All I have to say is good luck picking a favorite!  Let's check them out.

*press sample*

I went rainbow order again, because I love to do that.  This is Pink or Swim.  It's a pastel-neon pink creme.  Fantastic color, so fun, somehow bright but not.  No chalkiness, no streakiness.  Just creamy, easy formula and application! 3 coats for full coverage and topcoat. 

*all of my comparisons will have the new color on my index finger*

Index - Pink or Swim
Middle - How Low Can You Flamingo
Ring - Let It Again
Pinky - Beach Please

Guava Nice Day is one of my favorites.  Just look at this fabulous pastel-neon coral!  Swoon!  I have nothing to say here other than it was all sunshine and roses with this beauty.  Formula, application, color - amazing.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Index - Guava Nice Day
Middle - Lets Not Coral
Ring - You're So Selfish
Pinky - Color Me Rad

And the first flakie topper, Nauti Girl.  Lovely purple to green to gold shift.  Nice sized flakes.  Pretty good flakie to base ratio.  I used 2 coats but think sponging it one would give the best results for a heavy flakie finish (if that's what you want).  

Papaya Don't Preach is my other favorite this collection (shocker).  Pastel-neon papaya cream has me longing for a tasty bowl of papaya with lime squeezed on it, yum yum!  We have another absolutely fab, creamy and opaque formula.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Index - Papaya Don's Preach
Middle - Leggo My Mango
Ring - Bahama Drama
Pinky - Please Don't Glow Girl

And this traffic stopper is Sand By Me.  Loving the pastel-neon lemon creme vibe.  I can get down with this color all Summer long and I wouldn't ever tire of it.  Awesome, creamy formula.  Awesome, even application.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Index - Sand By Me
Middle - Rum Me the Right Way
Ring - All the Bright Moves
Pinky - Sand By Me

Lime All Right is a great shade of green!  Fun and bright, but not the searing your eyes out of your head, tripping your camera out kind of bright.  Kind of reminds me of lime sherbet punch.  Another wonderful formula that was creamy and opaque.  3 coats plus topcoat.  

Thumb - For Sail By Owner
Index - Lime All Right
Middle - Ready For A Good Lime
Ring - Race Against Slime
Pinky - Shore Thing

Flakie number 2!  This is Party Like a Guac Star.  I love this one and how it looks over Lime All Right!  I see green to blue to gold shifting flakies in here and they are gong to look great over the green (this one), yellow and blue from this collection.  2 coats, and again, sponging will get you a more densely covered nail.  

Hang in there!  Only 3 more.

Harbor A Cruise is a beachy wave blue creme.  Out here we have the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and most things are blue, this shade of sun-washed blue, so that's what I think of when I look at this particular color.  Fabulous formula.  Somehow a bit more opaque than the others.  I used 2 coats (which means others might be able to use just 1) for total opacity.  Finished with topcoat.  

Index - Harbor A Cruise
Middle - Playing With the Buoys
Ring - Double Pog Dare You
Pinky - Harbor a Cruise

The last of the cremes is Bored Shorts.  This one is a pastel-neon orchid.  I know it will be popular, everyone loves the purples.  No complaints here.  The polish is creamy and lovely.  I used 2 coats and topcoat.  

Index - Bored Shorts
Middle - Let's Be Frank
Ring - Bored Shorts

Here's the last of the flakies, and probably my favorite of the 3, Off Tropic.  This one is more of a rainbow party of shifty colors in the flakes.  Must be a blend of the multiple UCC flakes.  So that means it is going to look great over any of the creme from this collection!  I used 2 coats over Bored Shorts.  

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  1. We are the same. Guava and papaya are my favorites! Love that you added the comps. Super helpful! Gorgeous swatches.

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  7. Papaya don't preach got me singing Madonna style. This collection is perfect for summer

  8. I'm so glad you captured the neon in these! I saw another photo posted of the collection somewhere else and I didn't see neon and was left sad. These now scream: SUMMER!!! :)

  9. I really love these faded neons! Papaya Don't Preach and Guava Nice Day are my favorites as well!

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