Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Fit Snack Box: May 2019

Evening!  Today was my kids last day of school.  Bittersweet.  Some tears and lots of hugs.  They won't be returning to this elementary next year and they were feeling extra emotional saying goodbye to friends and teachers.  I'll admit I shed a few tears also, we have been there for a decade.  Consoling my kids got  me thirsty and hungry so I felt it was a great time to try out all the items in my Fit Snack box.  This box is available until 6/15 and as always, you can save 30% off your first box by following my link HERE!  

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*press sample*

The majority of the items in the May box are items I have tried before.  But that's alright because I liked them all.

Last month I got to try Nooma.  It's a delicious organic electrolyte replacement drink made with coconut water and sea salt.  I actually saw a Facebook ad offering all 4 flavors for $5!  I jumped right on that!  But my least favorite was the Blueberry Peach flavor.  It's almost artificial and doesn't taste like either fruit.  But don't let that deter you from trying the others, they are great.  

I received Truwomen bars last month and was happy to get them again!  This time I got to try Smother Fudger Peanut Butter.  The chocolate covering is soft and tasty and it's uber peanut buttery tasting.  It's just a rich grainy and the chocolate is so soft it'll definitely melt in warmer weather.  Might not be the best to pack in your gym bag or hydration pack through the summer.  But I love that this brand is packed with 12 grams of vegan protein.  

Another returner from April - Orgain Kids O Bar.  Don't remember exactly which one I received last time but I remember I liked it.  Enough that I didn't even give them to the kids, I ate them both myself.  This chocolate chips bar is delicious, it's like a soft oatmeal chocolate chip cookie.  I like that these have 7 grams of fiber and are 40% less sugar than other kids bars.  

And yet another returner...Hippeas.  These are savory, crunchy snacks that are not overpowering in flavor.  There are 5 flavors of the chickpea puffs.  I got Vegan White Cheddar.  It did seem to have a bit of a bean-y flavor on top of the cheese flavor.  Not one of my favorite chip substitutes, maybe it's just this flavor that I am not a huge fan of. 

I am happy to report that I have finally tried Vahdam Teas!  These have been in the Fit Snack Box multiple times in the past but as I was pregnant and not typically drinking caffeinated drinks I always just skipped them.  Last weekend I had a regular cup of coffee (light blend) and realized that a tiny bit of caffeine doesn't bother me!  So I was happy to try the Cardamom Masala Chai Tea.  It's so  fragrant with a fabulous chai scent.  The tea turns the water dark immediately.  I used a spoonful of sugar and it was perfect.  

YAY!  A new item!  Sanissimo Salmas are delicious crackers made out of 4 ingredients!  Corn flour, salt, lime and tocopherols.  I was very excited that I got an entire box of crackers!  How generous!  There are 8 packets with 3 chips in each packet.  They taste like toasted, crunchy corn tortillas.  I love them, they are so good.  I want to run over to the mexican market for some chicken salad to eat with them.  

The last product I have is another new one.  Betsy's Best Toasted Coconut Cashew Butter.  This had me all kinds of nervous.  It's ingredients include coconut, coconut flavor and chia seeds.  If you've followed my food adventures with Fit Snack at all you'll know i ma not the biggest fan of coconut.  And I don't like chia.  ut I dove in with an open mind.  First bite was ok.  I thought, ok I can handle this.  But the longer it was in my mouth the more it tasted like sunblock.  And there are too many chia seeds so all I'm eating are crunchy chias.  The cashew took backseat to those other elements. So sadly, even with an open mind, I didn't like this one.  

And here's a little peek at the trainer sheet included in this month's box!  Nice that you don't need to go to a gym to get a good workout!

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  1. Intrigued with the Nooma. I tried that hippeas with vegan cheddar. It's ok but not same, not a fan of it

  2. You deserved treats after the day you had. But I cracked up at your description of the cashew butter! I am on a liquid diet because of a diverticulitis flare up, so reading about your snacks wasn’t easy!

  3. Some hits and misses. Does the company ask for reviews so they know what's popular to put in the boxes again?

  4. Smother Fudger Peanut Butter from Truewomen sounds so nice! I LOL'd at "i didn't even give them to the kids". :)

  5. The Truwoman bars sound excellent.

  6. Those corn crackers are so tasty!!!! I had them with a chunkier salsa and they were so good. I want to pair them with hummus next.