Sunday, March 29, 2015

Barielle Bling It On, Spring 2015

Good afternoon!   Hope your weekend has been nice and relaxing.  I am definitely enjoying the weather.  So sunny and warm here in NorCal.  It's also so much nicer to do swatching in the Spring and Summer months - I can depend on direct sunlight to really show off all types of polish in natural lighting settings and with pretty green and flowery backgrounds!  Today's post features a new glitter topper collection from Barielle called Bling It On.  The Bling it On collection is currently available and each glitter topper will be $8.  So let's jump in and see what all this glitter is about!

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All pictures in this post are direct sunlight unless otherwise noted.  

Angel Dust is a "sheer iridescent glitter" that gives a whimsical effect to any base color.  This is definitely a topper though, it would be very sheer alone.  While I don't think it's particularly unique it is very pretty.  I went with a soft pastel pink base and 1 coat of Angel Dust was plenty to achieve the desired look.  The glitter came out easily and spread well on each nail.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.  
Worn over Jessica Soho in Love


Sea Urchin was the one I was most interested in trying on.  This "sea foam green glitter" is full of shimmer.  The shimmer and glitter actually cause a strange wrinkled/textured effect that I wasn't fond of.  I used a similar base color to start with, but I think with 4 coats you could build Sea Urchin up to almost full coverage.  The formula was a little streaky, probably because of the shimmer, but it applied easily enough.  I did like how mermaidy my nails felt with this glitter!  I used 1-2 coats of Sea Urchin and 1 layer of topcoat.  
Worn over KBShimmer Shore Thing


Shooting Star turned out to be my favorite in the collection.  I don't have nor have I seen a similar glitter topper.  It's full of "metallic blue/purple glitter" and a pretty shift blue/purple shimmer.  The formula was really lovely and it applied perfectly.  I have on 1 layer of Shooting Star and 1 layer of topcoat.  
Worn over KBShimmer Beach Please


Golden Halo is a beautiful "gold with pink glitter".  I see it as a heavy gold shimmer with metallic pink glitters.  This is a really pretty color but I feel we have seen something similar from a few other mainstream and boutique brands.  I think Golden Halo would have a good chance of building up well on it's own but I chose to layer it over a soft shimmery pink.  Golden Halo had a nice formula that applied easily.  I used 1 coat and 1 layer of topcoat.  
Worn over Zoya Gie Gie

Amethyst is a metallic "purple glitter".  This was my least favorite of the group.  I do not care for these large glitters because bore me and they aren't easy to work with.  They tend to have that taco'd look even if they aren't curling.  I used 1-2 coats of Amethyst and found the coverage sparse and inconsistent.  The glitter clumps together and the base to glitter ratio caused streaks and heavy piling of base in some spots - you can see this in my macro.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat. 
Worn over China Glaze Wanderlust


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