Tuesday, November 17, 2015

EA Polish Swatches & Review

Good morning dears!  First let em say that I'm sorry for not posting this yesterday.  I meant to and sometimes I just get swamped with my kids and their activities.  Yesterday was one of those days.  But Im making up for it today.  Right now I have a new-to-me brand to share, yay!  EA Polish, formerly known as Embella Adorn, is a beauty and fashion accessories lifestyle brand.  Their niche is that they offer a fashionable ring with each polish purchase.  You can mix and match the polish and rings to your liking!  Fun, right?  And wouldn't a polish/ring set make a fabulous Christmas gift or stocking stuffer?!  If you head over to the EA Polish website you can see all the polish and available rings.  I have all 6 polishes to show you now and you can pick them up for yourself, they are $12 USD each.  If you are unsure of your ring size feel free to contact EA Polish on their Contact link (HERE) for help, and you'll also get a 25% discount on your first order.  So let's jump in and check out the polish (and rings!).

*press sample*

EA Polish Carry On

Carry On is a "strong purple with a slight metallic hue."  This is a very vibrant color!  In some lighting it even appears more blue than purple.  The formula was lovely, nice and smooth.  No issues to mention.  I used 2 coats and finished with a layer of topcoat.  

EA Polish Carry On

EA Polish Carry On

One Piece is one of my favorites.  It's a pretty fuchsia creme with a fantastic formula!  This beauty covered perfectly in one coat.  I finished with a layer of topcoat .  

R&R is a milky minty shade (it's more green than my photos are showing).  It's pretty and refreshing and a great color for the winter!  I was worried this was going to be sheer but it built up wonderfully in 2 coats!  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

This deep purple plum shade is Barry, No!.  It's pretty vampy and gorgeous and you know that gets high marks in my book!  The formula and application were both stellar.  I used 2 coats and finished with a layer of topcoat.   

Moving along, Tulle Me Not! sits somewhere between a yellow-green and a chartreuse shade.  It's definitely one of those shades that you're gong to love or hate.  I don't mind it in my pictures, but I remember not being the biggest fan of the color when I actually had it on.  I will admit that it's unique and interesting shade.  This one had more of a jelly finish and was pretty sheer.  I ended up using 3 coats and still had visible nail line.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

Last but not least is Fine China.  I'll give you the forewarning that I received, use a good base coat because this one could cause staining.  It's a turquoise jelly full of gold glitter.  This had pretty amazing coverage for a jelly!  It was thisclose to being a one coater.  I did end up using 2 coats for full coverage and finished with topcoat. 

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