Monday, September 5, 2016

Beauty Review: Styli-Style Lip Gloss

Morning beauties!  I have a lipgloss review for you today!  It's a new brand to me, but they were at CosmoProf in July.  Since my trip was a whirlwind though the convention floor in one day I missed this booth.  But my friend Melissa from The Daily Nail posted this brand on Instagram and since she has such fabulous taste in makeup and thought they were awesome, I knew I couldn't go wrong!  And when then arrived and I tried them...I was very happy I bought them.  Styli-Style is a makeup brand that has products for face, lips and eyes.  They also carry a variety of tools.  Well the neon and shimmer lip glosses are what caught my eye!  So I picked up a few and I love them!  Let's jump in and see what I got!

*nothing to disclose*

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I picked out 3 shades to try out.  The price is nice at $3.99 for the neon shades.  The other lip products are a bit more but still, any fabulous cosmetic that is under $10 is awesome.  This one is Fuchsia, and it's exactly that...a neon shade of fuchsia.  It's pretty bright on the lips but not over the top.  I loved the shade and you can wear it lighter or brighter by adding more to your lips.  A little goes a long way.  The formula is nice and creamy, slick but not overly so and not sticky at all.  

This one is Pink/Orange.  I love the neon pink/orange color in the tube, but I am not used to seeing such a bright color on my face.  I definitely go light handed when I put it on but the vibrant shade totally worked for the Summer months.  Not so sure I'll wear it now that Fall is looming (I say that like it's a bad thing, I love the Fall season).  Again, the formula was opaque and creamy, builds up well to have a more in-yo-face type of neon color, but a dab'll do ya!  

The last shade I picked was one of the shimmer glosses.  There are 5 different shimmery, color shifty shades to choose from and I picked Solar Eclipse.  These ones run for $6.49.  Super pretty colors to choose from.  Solar Eclipse is a mauve-pink with some coppery shimmer/shift.  I do think the shift is more prominent in the tube but the color is still really nice.  The shimmer and shine are actually what make this one stand out!  Just like the others, the formula was creamy and opaque.  Not sticky, not overly slick.  

Here's an arm swatch of all 3 colors in the direct sun.  

And here's an arm swatch of all 3 colors in the shade.  

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