Thursday, February 23, 2017

Morgan Taylor Beauty and the Beast Collection

Morning again loves!  If you've been paying attention to Facebook or any media outlets you've probably noticed the huge hype over the upcoming Disney Beauty and the Beast movie.  I am very excited to see it because it's always been one of my favorite animated films and Belle was always my favorite heroine.  I love her independence, intelligence and strength.  And the songs!  They are so darn catchy!  Anyways, now you know my love for Beauty and the Beast and I'm excited to share the Morgan Taylor collection inspired by the upcoming movie!  This collection is available now, online and in select beauty supply stores (Ulta).  It's also available as a mini Gelish set!  The polishes are $9 each and the mini Gelish are $12.99.  Let's jump in and check out the polishes!

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Up first is Plumette With Excitement.  It's simply a pale pink creme.  These lighter colors can be a little finicky but I didn't find the formula on this one to be too troublesome.  I used 2 coats for full, even coverage.  No topcoat needed.

Potts of Tea is described as "alabaster."  It's a gorgeous pale blue with pink shimmer and a touch of soft sparkle.  Definitely one of my favorites!  Formula and application were both nice, I used 3 thin layers and finished with topcoat.  

Enchanted Patina is a beautiful patina overlay coat.  I wanted to show you that it builds up on it's own nicely, and actually I prefer it this way.  It's got a bit of color shift, rose gold with fold at the edges and some deep pink in the middle.  First coat is very sheer but full coverage in 3 coats.  I finished with topcoat.  Enchanted Patina is not available in the min Gelish collection.  

Here's Enchanted Patina over the rest of the colors in the collection.  It does look pretty over them all but I don't think it covered evenly and if you do more than 1 coat I'm afraid it will completely cover that base color.  Enchanted Patina over; thumb - Gaston and On and On, index - Days in the Sun, middle - Potts of Tea, ring - The Last Petal, pinky - Plumette with Excitement.  

Yay for yellow!  Days in the Sun is a pastel yellow with reddish/pinkish shimmer.  So so pretty!  Also very happy!  Yellow polish is notorious for being troublesome.  This one was a little streaky.  It took 3 thin coats to even it out and reach opacity.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  

Gaston and On and On is a baby blue creme.  No frills needed for this beauty.  Gaston is actually one of my favorite characters because he's so very the top full of himself.  Formula and application were fabulous, creamy and opaque.  I used 2 layers and topcoat.  

Be Our Guest is a medium pink creme.  This is a perfect pink!  I adore the feminine shade and the wonderful formula.  This creme is uber creamy and opaque.  I used 2 layers and no topcoat needed.  

Last but not least is The Last Petal.  We all know that famous rose, the enchanted one that floats under the glass dome, holding the Beasts fate in each falling petal.  This polish is a beautiful red pearl.  I feel it leans a little to the magenta family, but regardless it's a lovely shade.  Formula and application were both awesome.  Full opacity in 1 coat.  I used topcoat but it wasn't needed.  

And here's the mini Gelish collection.  All the same shades, excluding Enchanted Patina.  

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