Saturday, August 12, 2017

Born Pretty Unicorn Stamping Plate

Evening all!  I'm enjoying a nice evening poolside at the hotel we are at.  My kids are swimming and made a friend.  I enjoyed some local wine.  The soccer tournament was a bit of a bust, but hey, you can't win them all.  Tonight I'm sharing more stamping with you but this time it's a magical unicorn plate!  I'm sure you've seen this beauty before, it's from the Born Pretty Store and several bloggers have shared it.  If you haven't seen the plate yet, you can purchase it HERE for $2.99.  And don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  Ok so let's jumping and see some unicorns!  

*press sample*

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Alright guys.  My stamping skills are no where near as fancy as some other bloggers out there.  I don't know how to make decals or color them in or make multicolored stamps.  So I work with what I've got.  And that's 1 color stamping.  Sad, I know, maybe one day I'll have the time to sit down and figure out how to make my own stamp decal.  So here I've got a pretty blue polish as a base (I think it's an Orly) and I used some lime green stamping polish.  What I really love are the fun, whimsical stamps.  Some are reminiscent of Lisa Frank art, others are like those old posters with unicorns in mystical lands.  Lots of WIN on this stamp.  Images picked up and transferred easily.  Zero complaints from me.  I used topcoat to finish.

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