Monday, December 4, 2017

Girly Bits Fall 2017 Creme Collection

Hey all you owls!  Ok this is equally a late post as in late at night and late past when the collection launched.  But you know what?  There's never a bad time to fall in love with some amazing creme polishes, especially if they work for more than one season and the majority of these definitely do!  This is the Girly Bits Fall 2017 Creme Collection.  You can pick these up for $15 CAD each, if you want them before Christmas I'd suggest you order soon because the shop will probably be closed as it gets closer.  So with that information divulged, let's jump in and see what gorgeousness Pam came up with!

*press sample*

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Hit And Mist is a soft grey creme.  Lovely color for a chilly winter morning. This would also be a fabulous base for nail art.  Awesome formula, super creamy and opaque.  Applied perfectly in 2 coats.  Topcoat to keep it glossy.

Walnuts About You is a medium toned mink brown creme.  Hello beautiful, where you been all my life?  Fantastic formula and application.  1 creamy coat for total opacity.  Topcoat to finish.  

Greyzed And Confused is a medium grey creme with just a touch of green.  Super creamy and flawless application.  This one ever so slightly reminds me of shark a cool, edgy way!  2 coats plus topcoat.  

Butternut Leave Me is one of my favorites in the collection.  It's a mustard creme with orange undertone.  I know some won't love this color, but it's so unique and borderline ugly that I adore it.  And I say ugly with lots of love in my heart because I'm really feeling this shade!  Awesome formula and application.  2 coats and topcoat.  

It's Near Leaf All is a really fun shade!  It boasts a vegetation green with a yellow undertone.  this beauty will easily work in the Spring and even as a great green for Christmas manis this Winter!  Stellar formula, creamy and opaque in 2 coats.  I used topcoat to have an uber glossy finish.  

Gettin Figgy With It is a muted purple/fig shade with a creme finish.  This one is a guaranteed winner,  everyone loves a fantastic shade like this and when the formula is so perfect it's hard to say no!  Two thumbs up for the formula and application.  I used 1 coat for full coverage and topcoat for extra gloss.  

Ok this here is my favorite.  Another Brick in the Fall is a perfect terra-cotta creme.  I want to wear this all the time.  It's literally my favorite shade ever.  Dreamy formula and application to boot!  I used 2 coats and finished with topcoat.  

Acornucopia is a reddish brown creme and it's gorgeous!  It kind of reminds me of a raisin.  I keep raving, but seriously though, fantastic formula and application.  No problems at all.  1 coat plus topcoat.  

Sea You Next Fall is a great shade for pretty much every season.  It's a teal leaning blue ocean creme.  You know what I liked best about this shade?  It didn't stain my nails or skin!  This color always does and I was holding my breath upon removal.  I was super happy that it was a clean removal!  Great formula and application, 2 coats for full opacity and topcoat.  

Last but not least is Stump Up the Jam.  This beauty is a deep espresso brown creme.  It's got that vampy vibe that I love during the Fall and Winter, but totally classy for some sophisticated nails in other seasons.  Awesome formula, creamy and full coverage.  Applied perfectly in 1 coat.  Finished with topcoat.  

I did a little nail art with a few shades!  Not the super best nail art but I tried.  I did a gradient using Sea You Next Fall, Gettin Figgy With It and Hit and Mist.  I used the Enchanted Plate 06 from Moyou London and stamped with Stump Up the Jam.  The polish worked great in the gradient and in the stamping!  I'm bummed that the caribou on my index finger ended up off center, but what are you gonna do...I never said I was a stamping expert.   

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