Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is a fun one!  Floam by Nail-Venterous Lacquers is made of turquoise and lime green glitter suspended in a clear base.  The turquoise glitter seems to have some sparkle, but the green is matte.  They are both densely packed into the base.  I tried 2 layers alone on one nail and think with 3 (maybe 4) layers it would be fully opaque.  But I decided I didn't want that much Floam on my nails since I've heard it's hard to remove.  I opted to layer it over Zoya Mitzi.  Mitzi is a matte yellow- lime green polish from their Mod Matte Collection in Summer 2011.  I thought it would  work to bring out more of the green glitter since turquoise seems to be the dominate color.  Mitzi goes on streaky and chalky - not one of my favorites, but it was perfect as a base for Floam.  

I purchased Floam from Ninja Polish.  You could also buy it directly from Nail-Venterous Lacquers on etsy when the store is open.  Zoya as I'm sure you know is from Zoya (or Ulta).



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    1. Just keep an eye out - Ninja Polish has a "notify me" button when it comes back in stock - that's how I snagged mine. But no hesitating, just buy once you get the email!

  2. OMG, I love that Floam sooo much!