Friday, March 30, 2012

Party Rockin

I recently got nail mail from Hazel, the creator of HazeGlaze.  I was so excited to open the package and see my new glittery pretties! In this post I will review Party Rockin.  It's an awesome glitter bomb polish full of pink, green, aqua, silver, and magenta hexes.  There are also purple squares, micro-glitter and silver holo bars at the party.  It's all in a blue-grey base.  It's 100% fun!  I gave the bottle a good shake to make sure I got a mix of glitter, and I did.  Lots of different shapes, sizes and colors on my nails!  I used 2 layers of PR.  Both layers went on easily and the glitter didn't move around too much once on the nail.  Definitely Monday Night Party Rockin in Vegas worthy (did you know LMFAO performs at a Party Rockin' party some Monday nights at Marquee?).  I better perfect my shuffle!

 I applied PR over 2 layers of Color Club Ulterior Motive, a bright fuchsia with blue and pink shimmer.  I also liked this color.  It has a glowy shimmer and is beautiful color.  I'll use this one again for the summer!

You can get HazeGlaze on esty for $8.79 a bottle.  She has some beautiful creations in her shop - I know I will be buying more soon!  Color Club can be found at beauty supply stores, and Bed Bath & Beyond (only the "super" stores that carry beauty products).

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