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Parallax Polish; The Secrets of the 7 Seas Collection

Hello all!  Last day of January and wow, time is already flying by this year.  Tomorrow our favorite science inspired brand, Parallax Polish, will be releasing The Secrets of the 7 Seas collection!  This 7-piece set is full of gorgeous shades and finishes.  You blue lovers are going to be really happy because this set is seriously stacked on the blue front.  So here's the details you need to know for this launch;  The Secrets of the 7 Seas will be available on 2/1 in the shop. You can pick up bottles in a range of sizes and prices, minis are typically around $3 and full holos around $12.  Erin also offers a medium sized bottle!  Are you ready to check this collection out?!  I am so let's go!

*press sample*

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Up first is one of my favorites...Arctic Ice.  It's a blueish silver holographic polish that's heavy on the gold flame!  Stunning!  Arctic Ice is created for the ice sheets that help cool the ocean and give polar animals a place to live.  I was worried the formula was sheer but it built up great in 3 coats.  No issues with application.  I finished with topcoat.

3.5* is a gold-blue holo and it's AMAZING!  I literally stared at that gold peeking through for the longest time.  3.5* is created for the average ocean temperature - brrrrrrrr!  Formula and application were both great.  I used 3 coats to make sure I covered my nail line completely.  I finished with a layer of topcoat.  If you guessed this is another of my favorites you would be correct sir!

Gulf Stream is a blue-green holo polish.  It was created to represent the Gulf Steam current which runs from Florida to the Atlantic and helps control temperature.  This is another beauty (didn't I say you blue lovers would be swooning over this collection?!)!  I really like the brightness of this polish.  Formula and application were both lovely.  I used 3 coats to ensure I had no line line peeking through and finished with topcoat.  

Coral Reef is an awesome solar changing polish that goes from clear with purple mix glitters into a bright purple in the sun!  It's inspired by coral bleaching in which the coral loses it's color because of too warm or cold water.  This one was a little tricky for me as I really wanted to build it up to full coverage but wasn't able to on all my nails.  You can see that the glitter goes on a it patchy.  If you are a stickler for no nail peeking out underneath I'd suggest using a base color - but something light such as white or a pastel shade so you don't hide the color change when it occurs in the sun.  I ended up using 4 coats of Coral Reef and a layer of topcoat.  


But look how gorgeous Coral Reef is in the sun!  I forgot how fun solar changing polish can be and I hope to see more of them from Parallax and this year in general!


Sea Foam is a shimmery teal polish.  It's inspired by the algae that breaks down in the ocean, gets tossed around and up onto the shore causing foamy bubbles.  This one was a bit sheer for my liking but the color was a real knock-out. There's a little golden shimmer in there for some extra pretty.  I used 3 coats and as you can see my nails are very visible.  You could try another coat or layer it over a base color if it bothers you.  Sea Foam dries semi-matte so use a layer of topcoat to shine it up!  
*I thought I had more pictures of this one but I couldn't find them!*

Ok this was the ringer for me!  Biomimicry is a dark teal-purple duo chrome.  It's a form of protection that ocean creatures use to blend in with their background.  I love everything about this polish - the colors, the inspiration, the formula and application.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and maximum depth, you could have easily gotten away with 2.  Formula was great, application was perfect.  I finishes with a layer of topcoat. 
*I have lots of pictures of this one!*

Last but not least in Challenger Deep, a black mate polish inspired by the deepest part of the ocean in Marina's Trench.  Let me start by saying that this polish will be adjusted and your bottle/on the nails polish will look different than mine.  Challenger Deep will come with a glow in the dark (to purple) topcoat that you can apply instead of the pigment being mixed into the bottle - causing the gritty effect that you see.  The glow effect will also be stronger since it will be made this way, I wasn't able to get Challenger Deep to glow for me.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat for my pictures below.  

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