Thursday, January 21, 2016

Paint Box Polish LE Valentine's Day Set; Love's Keen Sting & Mani Fizzies

Good evening and sorry for the late post.  Valentine's Day is just around the corner and brands are rolling out their collections!  Paint Box Polish just released a new set including a gorgeous polish and 2 mani fizzies.  2 reasons you should buy this set...1. Paint Box Polish has been releasing total stunners lately and 2. the mani fizzles from her shop are the absolute best I've tried.  The LE Valentine's Day Set is a steal for $12.50!  And you can get it right now!  So let's not dilly dally and let's jump right in to the pictures!  

*press sample*

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Love's Keen Sting is the polish included in the set.  It's a red-violet polish packed with silver holo glitter and gold shimmer.  It's a nod to Dumbledore's reference to the short romance between Ron and Lavender in the Harry Potter series.  I love Love's Keen Sting!  The color is gorgeous, the sparkle and shimmer and jaw dropping!  The formula was really great - very opaque and smooth.  I was thisclose to having full coverage with 1 coat.  I ended up using a 2nd just to ensure I didn't have any bare or thin spots.  My nails were smooth to the touch after a layer of topcoat.    

There are 2 mani fizzles included in the set.  Strawberries and Champagne and Love Stinks.  These both smell amazing.  Love Stinks is slightly tart and berry scented.  Strawberries and Champagne has that sweet but dry smell of champagne.  And they are extremely moisturizing.  I love that these mani fizzles are packed full of essential oils and moisturizing ingredients.  My hands and fingers always feel so soft after use.  And somehow my nails always look cleaner.  

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