Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fit Snack February Box

Hey guys, I have a new kind of post for you today.  It's pretty cool because I am definitely one that always looking for healthy snacks that take the edge off in between meals.  I also like these types of on-the-go snacks after a hard run or soccer game (and sometimes even during an extra long run).  So since I am going to review products to help performance I thought I'd use a new watermark.  Runner Jen will be my watermark for anything related to running, health, food, athletic wear.  If you see the Runner Jen watermark rest assured, it's still just me! But I figured it would also help differentiate the types of posts I'll be sharing.  Ok so Fit Snack is a Fitness Nutrition Subscription box.  You are guaranteed $32 worth of value per box and proceeds help the Boys and Girls Club.  Each month you will get a box full of different products!  You also get a card with a workout plan.  There are 5 different plans to work with your snacking needs.  You can save $3 using my link HERE.  So let's jump in and check out this awesome box!

*press sample*

I opened the box and saw this inspiring wording right away!  Love it!

Here's a picture of all the goodies!  I was really excited to open the box and see so much stuff to try!

Let's delve in!  These are Beanitos.  They are black bean chips.  BUT they have 6g of protein!  Great post-workout snack.  Add a little salsa and you're good to go!  So I taste tested these and they are like refried black beans.  I love chips and salsa so this is definitely a snack I can get behind.  2 thumbs up.  

Beanitos details on the back of the bag.  

KaKookies are a dense cookie made with superfood ingredients.  I tried the Dark Chocolate Cranberry and the chocolatey flavor really shined through.  I was expecting these to be more cakey from of the "dense" description, but they are harder which is great because I know they'd hold up in my purse and not be a baggie full of crumbs.  I'll be trying the breakfast cookie later this week before one of my morning runs.  I can only imagine how yummy it'll be with coffee.  

Back of KaKookies package for information.  

Rawxies are a "clean treat." These are a keto, paleo and gluten free snack made from high quality ingredients.  The ingredients are cooked at a low temperature which is (I suppose) allows the snack to be considered raw ingredients.  But I don't know much about raw food so don't quite me on that.  This had a bit of a tangy flavor, not much like banana bread at all.  And a few of the pecans I bit into were hard, I actually thought I bit a rock and had to check.  The texture was good and the snack was filling.  So maybe I just didn't care for this flavor.  

Rawxies information on the back of the package.  

This is the Amsety Bar.  Amsety is the only nutrition bar designed to support liver health.  It's a gluten free, organic snack.  I love peanut butter so I liked the taste of this one.  The texture slightly reminded me of those old school Power Bars that I grudgingly ate as a kid between tournament soccer games.  But this had a bit more crunch and appeal.  

Information on the back of the Amstey Bar package.  

Run Gum is totally something I want in my running arsenal.  Anything with a little caffeine kick is perfect to put some pep in my step.  I've tried energy chews, sport beans, goo shots and they all work fine but it's really hard to chew and swallow while you are running.  Chewing gum is a different story!  I haven't tried these yet but with several races coming up I will slip these in my pack to use then.  

Run Gum information...

I don't like taking vitamins.  I never remember.  But I do remember to eat anything in gummy form.  VitaFive Vitamins are yummy little gummy vitamins that have a tropical flavor.  I think they are guava or papaya?  Anyways, these have CoQ10 which supports strong heartbeat to help maximize your cardiovascular health.  Tasty, easy, what else do you want?    

The last product in my box was this awesome drink called Tickle Water.  I got Green Apple flavor and I really enjoyed it.  I am not a fan of seltzer water, I think it has a weird taste.  But there was nothing weird about this.  The bubbles weren't overwhelming.  The apple flavor was refreshing and crisp.  There is no added sugar so I didn't feel like I needed to wash my mouth out after drinking it.  Funny thing is that Tickle Water was created as a bubbly drink for kids.  But I think I'll still drink it, I'm just cool like that.  

Tickle Water information.

Other Tickle Water flavors.  I bet Watermelon is delicious! 

Recipe card for a fun drink using Tickle Water.  

This card has information about each item/brand in the box.  I found it very useful as it's a quick reference tool.  Some of the brands even include a code for future purchases of their products!  

If you sign up for the monthly plan plus training you'll get this cool card with a workout plan.  If you're looking for some workout inspiration maybe this would give you ideas on some fresh reps you could add to your routine, or get started on your fitness plan with!  

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