Thursday, March 9, 2017

Alter Ego Body Care Products: Kinkade's Golden Gate

Evening dolls!  I've got a post for you tonight that is a real beauty!  It's inspired by a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge by Thomas Kinkade.  I have really grown to appreciate San Francisco (I'm local to the area and only about a 45 minute drive away) so I find this polish to be quite special and unique.  The Golden Gate Bridge is a beautiful bridge and I enjoy driving across it and taking in the sights.  Cynthia created this polish for the Polish Pickup group on Facebook.  You can join the group HERE to purchase the polish.  I'm not really sure all the specifics about this group.  What I do understand is that this is NOT a box, so you only buy what you really love!  Great concept.  Anyways, you can pick this beautiful polish up towards the end of the month!  Let' check out pictures!

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Polish Pickup: Shop, Facebook
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You can learn more about this painting by Thomas Kinkade HERE.  

I unwrapped this polish and had to wipe the drool.  Kinkade's Golden Gate is a stunning red-orange polish with the slightest blush of red and multi colored shimmer.  I wasn't expecting this to have a shift, but it did and that made it so much more exciting!  The formula and application were both lovely, smooth and opaque.  I only needed 2 coats of full coverage.  I finished with topcoat but it wasn't necessary.  

Look at the pretty shift in the shade!  

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