Sunday, May 12, 2019

Fit Snack Box: April 2019

Good evening, Happy Mother's Day to all you out there, hope it was a wonderful day for you.  I had a very special day full of seafood, pan dulce, champagne, soccer and time with my family.  Though now I'm sitting here so full I wish I'd make a few better choices and would have if I hadn't already eaten all of the snacks in my Fit Snack box.  So to be "like a mother"  I'm going to share the latest Fit Snack post and encourage you to pick healthy, organic snacks that are good for you!  This box is available for a few more days (until 5/15) and don't forget you can save 30% off your first box by following my link HERE!  

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Last month I tried Plotz! Honey Nutters.  They were good but I felt they were more honey than anything else.  This month I got another package and it was Trail Blazer Trail Mix flavor.  I definitely preferred this one.  Still very much a honey taste, but the nuts, raisins and peanut butter blend perfectly with it.  These are bite sized cubes in a snacking and travel friendly pouch with a ziplock type top.

Luke's Organic Kettle Style Ketchup with Mustard & Pickle chips had me a bit nervous.  I like that on a hamburger, but a chip?  But I tried them with an open mind and was pleasantly surprised that I liked them.  I defiantly caught the ketchup flavor and then the mustard, but I couldn't find the pickle.  These are gluten free chips and only cost you 200 calories for a regular lunch-sized bag of chips.  They have a huge lineup of interesting flavors and i will be on the look out for them next time I go grocery shopping.  

Shrewd Food Protein Crisps are no stranger to the Fit Snack lineup.  But I haven't tried the Cookies & Cream flavor.  I had high hopes that the would be delicious but they were lacking in flavor and I felt like I was just eating a brown colored styrofoam ball.  Boo.  They were not totally flavorless, I detected a bit of salt, the lightest ever (yet not sweet) hint of a chocolate creme cookie.  But it was just not enough to get me hooked.  I would only eat these for the 13 grams of protein if I needed that boost after a workout.  

Lesser Evil Paleo Puffs are another returning brand and I was very happy with these.  The "No Cheese" Cheesiness puffs are really dang good!  They aren't appealing to the eye but they are to the taste buds.  They are really cheesy yet they are made with NO cheese!  Mind blown!  These are paleo, gluten free and grain free.  I did buy another bag of the popcorn from last months post - I'll be on the hunt for this product too! 

Oh yay!  A new product to try!  This is Oh Oh Cookie Dough from Truwomen.  This product is plant based, gluten free, no dairy, no soy, no sugar alcohol!  And you know what, it's pretty fabulous.  The bar is really soft so there is a melting factor there (don't leave it in your hot car).  But it's like biting in to a spoonful of whipped cookie dough, enrobed in chocolate.  This particular flavor - and they have lots of tempting flavors on their site - is 200 calories, 12 grams of protein and 100% plant.  I will note that the bar is a bit grainy, but it's easily overlooked because the taste is good.  

Ultima Replenisher is an electrolyte and hydration replacer.  It's got 6 electrolytes, no carbs, no sugar, no calories.  I'm in!  I got two flavors, lemonade and raspberry.  I use these types of replacers all the time, when I work out, at soccer and even if I just don' think I've been drinking enough water for the day.  Sometimes it's hard to drink plain water and you just need a little flavor boost.  So I tried the raspberry and it dissolved quickly in to my cup of water.  But I did think the flavor was artificial raspberry and a bit overly sweet.  Maybe it was just that one flavor and the lemonade will be better?  I'll keep my fingers crossed that's the case because these little packets are so easy to toss in a bag and tote around at all times! 

And the last product I tried is Nooma Organic Electrolyte Drink in Chocolate Mint.  Another one I was nervous to try.  I like chocolate mint ice cream but not much else when it comes to that flavor.  So I timidly gave it a sip and was very excited!  It is absolutely delicious and refreshing!  The chocolate and mint flavors are light and refreshing.  Neither overpowers the other, it's a perfect balance.  This is another great way to hydrate throughout your day, no matter what your activity of choice is.  And it's flavor will help you stay on track with your water intake for the day.  Two thumbs way up and I will buy this if I come across it my Whole Foods.  

If you sign up for a box you will also get this information card with product links and discount codes.  The other side has a workout that you can use through the month - kind of fun to get new moves and routines to isolate specific muscles and get your heart rate up!  

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  1. This box intrigued me, especially the ketchup & mustard chips, the no cheese puffs & the organic Nooma electrolyte drink in my favorite flavor mint chocolate!

  2. My husband would be all over those chips. If I see them I'll have to pick them up for him. The Oh Oh Cookie Dough is more my style.

  3. I think I would really enjoy this snack box.

  4. This sounds like a pretty good box, and you know I need to try the Oh Oh Cookie Dough! I need to get the ketchup, mustard and pickle chips as well; I'm sure the kids would LOVE them if I end up not enjoying them!

  5. I failed my glucose test with this baby this week so I have to go back for my 3 hour test and I'm noticing labels for the first time (ever) on HOW MUCH SUGAR is in stuff! No wonder I feel like crap! Can't wait to go look up some of these products that you loved!

  6. I really need to sign up for this box, it seems right up my alley!