Thursday, May 2, 2019

May 2019 Polish Pickup & Indie Pickup; The 80's

Hulllllo!  Can you believe it's time for another Polish Pickup?!  The May theme is The 80s so as you guessed, there are lots of neon and vibrant colors, lots of nods to childhood cartoons and music.  I really enjoyed swatching this set because they are all such fun colors!  You'll be able to shop The Pickups 5/3 - 5/6.  I won't waste any time since you probably want to get your wishlist ready for tomorrow morning!

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*photos in sunlight unless otherwise noted*

Since I go in alphabetical order, here's Alter Ego Safety Dance.  First off this color is amazing!  I love the golden yellow with red shimmer, fantabulous!  Of course it's inspired by the song Safety can dance if you want to, you can leave your cares behind!  The formula is a bit sheer, but 3 coats worked well for me.  3 coats plus topcoat.

Safety Dance, $8.50, no cap



Dreamland Lacquer created You've Been Rickrolled.  Alright, I'm playing my mom card here because if it weren't for my 13 year old son I would have no idea what this meant!  The inspiration behind this is the Rick Astley video Never Gonna Give You Up.  It's a gorgey medium purple crelly with shifty aurora shimmer.  I see red to gold shift in there, pretteh.  Nice formula and application, no problems.  3 coats and topcoat.

You've Been Rickrolled, $12, 180 bottle cap


ellagee Couples Skate was inspired by the ever popular couples skate in the roller rink.  Ok so I was young, but I loved having my birthday parties at the roller rink and I always did the couples skate with a friend or my dad.  Memories!  Couples Skate is a silvery purple holo with shifty shimmer and teensy silver holo microgitters.  It's a rainbow of colors! Great formula and application.  2 coats plus topcoat.

Couples Skate, $12, no cap


KBShimmer really touched only nostalgia button with The Brite Stuff, inspired by the most colorful cartoon character of all - Rainbow Brite.  It's a super cool white base that changes to shades of blue.  Of course it's full of matte rainbow glitters AND comes with a baggy of loose star glitters to add as you see fit.  The polish itself is darling, even more so with the star glitters added. And the thermal change is super easy.  Great formula and application.  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

The Brite Stuff, $10, no cap

KB returns to the IPU with Wacky Watermelon scented Popping Bath Powder.  This is a really cool bath and shower product.  You can even use it as a mani soak.  I tried it as the directions suggested and by pouring some in to a bowl and soaking my hand a bit.  I really enjoyed the scent, very sweet, like candy watermelon.  If you stick your hard up to your nose you will smell it but not without doing that so I'd say it isn't overpowering.  It was inspired by pop rocks candy and if you listen closer it does indeed make popping noises as the powder dissolves!  

Wacky Watermelon Popping Bath Powder, $10, no cap

I soaked my hand in here for a bit.  Foamy and bubbly action!  My hand smelled nice and was lightly moisturized after a quick dip!

Trying it as the directions suggest, poured a bit on my hand and rubbed in a circle to exfoliate.  It's a gentle exfoliation.  Again, hand was left soft, lightly scented and softly moisturized.  I think I prefer it this way just because I like exfoliating.  

This is Write Us Off the Page and it might be my most favorite Lollipop ever!  It was inspired by the song We Built This City by Starship (I'm pretty sure I saw them in concert).  It's a white crelly full of rainbow and iridescent glitters as well as some uber amazing shifty aurora shimmer.  And in the sunlight that shimmer seriously glows!  Fabulous formula and application, no problems.  I used 2 coats and topcoat.  

Write Us Off the Pave, $11, no cap



And the final polish I have to share is Stella Chroma's Don't Get My Seat Wet, inspired by the movie Purple Rain.  I honestly don't think I've ever seen this movie so I don't know what's going on here but it sounds sultry!  This polish is a purple crelly with black holo glitter, holo flakes and color shifting flakes.  It's got just a bit of a dusty feel to it and I like that about it!  Nice formula and application, no issues to mention.  

Don't Get My Seat Wet, $12, no cap


And the very last thing I have for you is the Emulsified Sugar Scrub from Stella Chroma.  This scrub is literally a staple for any bathroom sink!  My hands feel so soft and hydrated after use.  And my skin looks and smells so nice!  Staying with the Purple Rain theme, Pam gives us Apollonia.  It's scented like fresh, crisp apples.  It's sweet and it's tart and it's mouth watering!  

Apollonia Emulsified Sugar Scrub, $5.50, no cap


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