Saturday, August 24, 2019

OPI: The Neon Collection (partial), Summer 2019

Yeah yeah it's the weekend!  I'm attending my little brothers wedding shower today - it's a couples/family event so lots of people and kids will be there to enjoy the BBQ and festivities.  I can't believe my baby bro is getting hitched!  It's a great day for a BBQ too, it's been super hot here this last week.  I'd say it calls for some neon nails!  I did a little post of a few of the OPI Neon Collection I picked up a while ago.  These are still in stores so if you love them to go pick them up!  They run about $10 a bottle.  Apparently they released a shoe collaboration with Converse and the shoes re adores!  I'm going to see if I can still get them.  While I do some online shopping you should check out my swatches!

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*nothing to disclose*

I can hardly say any of these are my favorites because the colors are all AMAZING!  But I will admit that the formula was not impressive.  I found each one to be thin and watery and I had one heck of a time building up the opacity and evening out the coats.  With that said, the colors still make me drool so I would probably put up with the shoddy formula. 

This is PUMP Up the Volume.  It's a neon yellow leaning green (maybe they were inspired by mountain dew?).  It's such a fun color I can't get enough of it!  I think it will be a great base for Halloween nails.  I used 4 layers and topcoat.  

Orange You A Rock Star? is a neon coral leaning orange. Perfect mani/pedi color for these lingering Summer time hot days before we transition into the Fall.  Then it will be great as a base for some neon Halloween art!  4 layers and topcoat.  

And the last one I picked out is V-I-Pink Passes.  This one is your run of the mill neon pink polish.  Of course it's a great color and that's why I spent money on it!  I'm thinking this will be a perfect sed off to Summer days then great for some Sugar Skull nail art!  I used 4 coats and topcoat to finish.  

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