Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lumina Lacquer Homesick At Space Camp & Mickey's Moonlit Masquerade

Good morning!  Just wanted to pop in with a quickie post before I head out on my run and daily errands!  You know I love Lumina Lacquer and I had been searching high and low for this beauty - Homesick At Space Camp.  Well someone finally took pity on me and answered my call!  Man oh man am I over the moon happy that I have this.  Let's head over to the pictures to take a look, mmmmkay?

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Homesick At Space Camp was a limited edition polish put out around last summer (my timeline could be totally wrong here).  I remember when it was released but I was so obsessed with glitters at the time that I paid it no mind.  Boy what a mistake.  Over time I have come to realize that solid/holos from Lumina are absolutely amazing.  I will not pass them up ever again.  Homesick At Space Camp is an amazing bright cobalt blue with a tight scattered holo.  The formula and application were both fantastic!  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  I also have on Lumina Lacquer Mickey's Moonlit Masquerade on my accent nails.  This was an LE put out around Halloween last year and it's a fun blend of glitter shapes in white, slier, purple, and blue.  The white stars and moons are especially adorable (and darn it no mouse head glitters wanted to come out this time).  I used 2 coats of Mickey's Moonlit Masquerade over 2 coats of Sheswai Totally (a plummy berry creme) and the application/formula on both of those were great.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat.  

*sunshine pictures*

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  1. What a pretty pairing! That blue is intense!

  2. That blue is so gorgeous, especially in the sun!

  3. wonderful blue shape ! i am in love with this nail polish ! !!!!!!!!

  4. Aaaagh - that blue is beautiful! And I like how you accented it.