Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Elevation Polish Spam Day 2

Good morning and welcome back to day 2 of Elevation Polish spam!  I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday, if you missed it you can see Day 1 HERE.  If you aren't familiar with Elevation Polish it's definitely a brand to look into.  Lulu releases 1 collection a month and it's quite hard to pick and choose a few to order.  She also has Sample Batch Polishes and One of A Kind samples during her releases/restocks.  Those are exciting to snatch up and you feel like you won a gold medal or something when they arrive in your mail box.  Some of the polishes in these posts are core and currently available, others were limited edition or SBP.  But I'm sure there is something in the shop that you will love so take a look!

Elevation Polish: Shop, Llarowe, Facebook, Instagram

Yeti's Broken Heart was released in February as a limited edition glitter topper to go along with the rest of the collection.  Most EvP fan girls are obsessed with all polishes named after Yeti as Yeti has become the EvP mascot.  Yes, I am one of those girls.  I don't have them all but I do have most of the Yeti's.  Yeti's Broken Heart is a lovely glitter mix of white glitters with white, black and fuchsia glitter hearts.  The hearts come out sparingly but the rest of the glitter is plentiful.  Formula and application were both great.  I have 1 coat of Yeti's Broken Heart over El Cap II.  I used 1 layer of topcoat.  This was an LE polish and is no longer available. 

Vinson, from the March Summits Collection #1, is a "lilac/lavender/foil/metallic base with strong holographic pigment."  The color and holo effect on Vinson are both fabulous. The formula was great but the application requires a slow and steady hand.  Vinson is a touch streaky for my liking.  In the sunshine the streaks all but disappear though and its a real stunner!  I used 2 coats of Vinson and no topcoat.  Vinson is currently available to purchase.

We've come to one of my favorite EvP's of all time!  Haleakala from the January Heights of Hawaii, is described as a "wine/purple/red holographic with very light gold shimmer."  It's simply amazing all around.  I love the rich color and the fabulous formula.  Application was wonderful.  I used 2 coats of Haleakala and no topcoat for sheer perfection.  Haleakala is currently available to purchase.

Ice Storm is a special polish that I absolutely love.  Lulu wasn't able to produce this one for selling, but she did give a few out as gifts and I am a very lucky beholder of one of the few bottles.  Ice Storm is a white gold colored flakie topper in a clear base.  So it will be a lovely and glamorous looking addition t any base color.  I chose to put it over Haleakala and I am so pleased with the result.  I used 1 coat of Ice Storm and the glitter payoff was fantastic.  I finished with 1 layer of topcoat for smooth to the touch nails.  Ice Storm is not available to purchase.  

And bringing up the rear of this post is Cuernos del Paine from the Patagonia Collection.  I received this polish as a gift for my birthday from the lovely Michelle from Things I Love at the Moment.  I totally love this bright yet pastel pistachio shade of green.  The creme formula is absolutely amazing and Cuernos del Paine applied like a dream.  I used 2 layers of Cuernos del Paine and no topcoat. 

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