Saturday, June 14, 2014

Lumina Lacquer Maleficent & Bear Pawlish Maleficent

Good morning lovelies!  I'm up, had my coffee, thinking about a quick run and ready to watch soccer as much as humanly possible today.  I'm not necessarily cheering for anyone in particular (USA of course) but it's fun to watch the games and let yourself get all excited over bad calls and goals.  If you aren't a fan grab a beverage, a bag of chips and settle in for at least a'll like it, I promise!  If nothing else you can laugh at the over the top dramatics that soccer players are known for.  But until that all starts how about a mani post?  Both of these polishes came out around the same time and I loved that they had the same name.  Of course I chose to wear them together!  Let's take a look!

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Let's start with Lumina Lacquer Maleficent.  This limited edition beauty is a "dark purple holo micro glitter polish in a clear base."  Maleficent is LOADED with gorgeous sparkle.  It can be worn alone in a few coats or over as 1 coat over a base color.  I chose to go it alone and it built up great!  I used 4 coats of Maleficent for full coverage, I had zero nail showing under the glitters.  Plenty of glitter came out and it spread perfectly on my nails.  I finished with 1 thick layer of topcoat. 

*slightly blurred to show more sparkle*

And then there was Bear Pawlish Maleficent.  I swear these two polishes of the same name were meant for each other!  This Maleficent is a bit of a tricky gal....sometimes she seems more blue, other times definitely purple.  So let's just call her blurple for safe measures.  But color aside, what you really want to know is that the linear holo on this polish is nuts!  I love how prominent the blue and fuchsia colors are in the flame.  Formula and application were both stellar!  I used 2 coats of Maleficent and 1 layer of topcoat.  

*Of course I did a fun switch up on this mani!  I had to!*  
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