Friday, January 6, 2017

6 Harts Strong Women Series; Red Hot Mama & I've Got This AND Lemongrass Nourishing Lotion

Hello beauties!  Happy Friday, hope your morning is going well.  Let me drop an awesome post on you.  6 Harts will be starting a series of polishes called Strong Women.  The Strong Women series draws inspiration from women the Courtney knows, who have been through the best and worst life can throw a them.  It was created as a way to honor those women who are feisty, resilient, beautiful, all ages, shapes, sizes and colors.  This will be a monthly series and I've got the first ones to share with you now.  The first pair of polishes in the Strong Women series will be available on 1/14/17.  You can pick them up for $9 each or $17 for the duo.  Let's jump in and check them out! 

*press sample*

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Up first is Red Hot Mama.  This is a gorgeous red creme.  Really guys, this is a stunning polish!  Fabulous color, fabulous formula, fabulous application.  I only needed 2 coats for full coverage but 1 would have been just fine for a heavy handed painter (which I am not). Red Hot Mama dried glossy on it's own but I added a layer of topcoat to take it up a notch.

Know you know I have to slap a layer of matte topcoat on Red Hot Mama.  Yeah, that totally upped the sexy factor!  I love it both ways!  

The second polish from the Strong Women Series is I've Got This.  It's a lovely shimmery, gold and rainbow flakie topper.  This is subtle and gorgeous and looks fantastic over Hot Mama.  I used 2 coats and topcoat.  

Courtney has also been working on this awesome new product...Nourishing Lotion!  You'll be able to get it in a couple different sizes and it's currently available in this refreshing lemongrass scent or unscented.  The 4 oz bottle is $6 and the 6 oz bottle is $8.  If your hands are dry from the winter or you enjoy motioning up you are going to love this lotion.  It's light, but super moisturizing.  This lotion absorbs quickly and there's no greasy feel left behind.   

Easy to use flip cap and the plastic bottle is soft so it's very easy to squeeze lotion out.    

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