Friday, January 20, 2017

Dreamland Lacquer Valentine's Collection; Power Ballads Collection

Evening dears!  Sorry for the week of silence.  I sometimes get really bogged down with family life and all things kid related.  So I'm once again playing catch up.  Who's ready for the best Hallmark holiday ever?  I'm talking about Valentine's Day and I definitely enjoy this holiday.  I like giving gifts, receiving them, eating chocolate, getting to go out for an extravagant date night.  What's not to like?! Another thing that's great, love songs.  Noelie must think so too because her new Valentines Collection is inspired by POWER BALLADS!  YES!  This collection will be available on 1/21 at 2pm Central.  It's a 48 hour pre-order window.  The polishes will be $10 during the pre-order and $38 for the entire set.  After the 48 hour window they will be $11.  There will also be some polishes from previous collection for sale; Date Night, Monkey Monkey Underpants and Burnt Jam in Vermont.  Click the links on the polish names to see them!  Now let's jump in and check out this post.

*press sample*

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Is This Love? is a white crelly with holo micro glitter and color shifting iridescent micro glitter.  Yeah I'm going to talk about the polish but first here's the link to the Whitesnake song that inspired it, Is This Love?.  Lots of smoke machine, leather and hair flipping going on in that video, so awesome.  The polish of the same name is a gorgeous white.  It's not quite opaque, but don't forget it's a crelly so it's not meant to be totally full coverage.  Much like other white crellies with glitters inside, I noticed the glitters are a little bit bumpy in the base but a nice thick topcoat smoothed it out.  Other that that the formula and application are both great.  I liked the soft, sheer look of Is This Love?.  I finished with topcoat.

I compared Is This Love? to Nimbus and Shoe Polish.  

L-R: Shoe Polish, Shoe Polish, Is This Love?

Is This Love? is on the left and Shoe Polish is on the right.  You can see that they are both the same base color but have very different elements.  

Everything I Do is inspired by the Bryan Adams song (Everything I Do) I Do It For You.  Man I loved this song when it came out.  Seriously sang my heart out to it.  Yeah, I still love it.  I didn't really love Robin Hood; Prince of Thieves though.  This pink pretty, so sparkly!  It's a bright pink holo with holo micro glitter.  Formula and application were both fabulous.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and topcoat to finish.  

I compared Everything I Do to Pretty in Punk, Cart Hold?? and Her Name Was Rose.  The closest one was Pretty in Punk, but it's more neon and has holo flakes so the finish is different.  

L-R: Her Name Was Rose, Cart Hold??, Everything I Do, Pretty in Punk

The Search Is Over, inspired by the Survivor song is a warm pink/purple jelly with unicorn pee color shifting pigment.  Oh man this one really wowed me!  That unicorn pee made the polish so glowy and beautiful!  I used 3 coats alone and had great coverage.  You can slightly see my nail line but it's not overly noticeable to the naked eye.  Formula and application were both awesome.  I finished with topcoat.  

I compared The Search is Over to Violet, You're Turning Violent, Dragonberry II, and Are Opal V2.  None are the same, Dragonberry II was closest in color but not finish.  

L-R: Aer Opal V2, Dragonberry II, The Search is Over, Violet You're Turning Violent

I did another comparison, The Search is Over to You Saucy Minx.  I have them both shown alone and over a cobalt blue base.  

Index: You Saucy Minx alone.  Middle: The Search is Over alone.  Ring: You Saucy Minx over blue. Pinky: The Search is Over over blue.  

And finally we have Alone, a deep burgundy jelly with holo microglitter and color shifting iridescent microglitter.  Sexy sexy!  This power ballad is from Heart...such a good song!  How do I get you alone???!!!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  This polish is so sexy, oh wait I already said that.  But it is.  So fabulously vampy.  Formula and application were both wonderful.  I used 2 coats of full coverage and topcoat.   

There aren't really any Smitten or Dreamlands that compare to Alone but here's what I found.  I have Burnt Jam in Vermont on my middle finger and Son of a Nutcracker on my ring.  One is a thermal ant the other is brown.  Burnt Jam is close in color when it's in it's cold state but the finish is totally different.  

L-R: Son of a Nutcracker, Burnt Jam in Vermont, Alone

*edit to add a few more comparisons*

L-R: One Love, Everything I Do, In October We Wear Pink

L-R: Cherries and Chocolate, Ghosts of Christmas, Alone, You Sexy Thing

L-R: Radiant Orchid, The Search is Over, Sparkling Orchid

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