Monday, January 9, 2017

Loquita Bath and Body Concha Bath Bomb

Good evening lovelies!  Popping in with a post featuring an item that I just can't keep to myself.  At the Indie Shop event I met the lovely Lolita Lacquer, she had a pretty display of polish but my eyes were immediately drawn to this awesome Concha Bath Bomb.  Hello giant bath fizzy, you look like a concha pan dulce and I want to eat you.  But as warned on the label, do not eat.  So I didn't.  I saved it for a bath.  And I'm glad I did...but also sad it's gone.  Good news, she's got tons of these fun Mexican inspired bath goodies in her online shop.  Make sure you check under the Loquita Bath and Body section to see these products specifically.  The Concha Bath Bomb appears to be sold out but you can still get the vanilla or chocolate scented ones for $5 each!  Alright, let's jump in and check out this awesome bath product.  

*nothing to disclose*

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Alright, this is the Concha Bath Bomb.  It's meant to look like a pan dulce, the concha type to be specific.  I love eating pan dulce, they are delicious.  The Concha Bath Bomb totally reminds me of the sweet bread.  It's scented just like them, slightly strawberry, sweet, sugary.  The scent isn't overwhelming and it lasts a long time.

So I dropped it in the bath tub and it immediately started fizzing up.  But not just a regular, bubbly fizz that I'm used to seeing, but a foamy bath bomb.  Seriously though, this thing bubbles and foams up really well!  

Look at that nice thick bubbly foam the Concha makes! 

I just did a couple close up shots but the entire tub was filled with this bubbly, sweet smelling foam.  It wasn't greasy or oily, I didn't feel any residue on my skin after.  But my skin felt soft and moisturized and smelled so delicious.  So would I buy a Concha Bath Bomb again?  You bet your booty I would...I have 2 in my cart right now!  And until they arrive I'll sniff the label I saved because it still smells so good.  

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