Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fit Snack Box: August 2017

Afternoon all!  Gah, when is California going to cool down.  It's still 95+ and I don't want to run or walk or do anything much more than sit around in my air conditioned house.  Also I'm just chilling until it's time to go to Back to School night...yay!  Kids are excited and it's always fun to see what they are doing in class.  
So let's talk about the Fit Snack Box.  I've also had this post sitting in my que for a while and you know what that means, this particular box isn't available anymore. But you can pick up the September one now!  Anyways, the August box was full of tons of new-to-me products and several that I really enjoyed!  As usual, I will provide links to each brand.  And don't forget, you can save $3 off a box using my link HERE!  Let me know what products sounds good to you, which would you buy?  Or which have you tried?
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Let's start off with Rawbite, a european bar full of fruits and nuts.  Nothing else!  It's raw, organic, vegan, no added sugar, gluten AND dairy free.  And you know something?  It tastes pretty dang good!    I found the Vanilla Berries to be sweet, fruity and tangy!  The texture is a bit thick, so make sure you have a drink.  Otherwise, 2 thumbs up!  

Go Everly is a guilt free drink mix with no added sugar.  It's full of natural ingredients and it's the perfect choice for hydration and energy.  You get 3 packets in a box and they are good for 2 quarts of drink, so it's a great choice for a beverage to go along with dinner.  I found this tasted like liquid jello...yum yum!  PS the kids liked it as their drink with dinner.

Powder in the water, unmixed.

Ok, this is the one I was worried about.  I'm going to be upfront and let you know I do not like shredded coconut.  I can tolerate coconut water, coconut milk, toasted coconut, but I just can't do shredded coconut.  Rickaroons are coconut energy bars that taste just like a macaroon.  Not the french cookie type, the shredded coconut haystack type.  So if you like those cookies, and shredded coconut you are going to like these.  They are chewy and coconutty.  I got the Chocolate Blonde flavor and it isn't bad, I quite liked it, I just can't get past that texture.  

Kala Beautiful Beans are a snack blend of fava beans packed with crunch and flavor!  I 100% enjoyed the Salt & Vinegar flavor.  It was the perfect amount of vinegar.  I also like the actual flavor of the beans and they are so crunchy.  Perfect to squash a salty craving. 

Nutiva Chia Seeds are a nutritious seed full of omega 3 fatty acids, essential minerals, protein, antioxidants and fiber.  You've probably had chia before because you can literally put it in anything; salad, yogurt, smoothie, oatmeal, baked goods, etc...  I do know that when you soak these in water they get kind of slimy but I think they have a different texture when served other ways.  I am looking forward to trying these in some muffins to give them a boost of good stuff.  

The Whole Grain Corporation put a wheat snack in the box.  It's a lightly salted wheat snack that's been roasted and seasoned  to perfection.  This is a great on-the-go snack or a topper for salads and baked potatoes.  I thought these were salty, crunchy, a little nutty and a lot tasty!  The small bag is super convenient for tossing in your purse or gym bag for a quick hunger quencher. 

Purity Coffee put in a package of whole coffee beans.  Purity makes organic coffee that's rich in antioxidants and always guaranteed to be free of mold.  Unfortunately I do not have a coffee grinder (I'm a creature of ease so I have a Keurig), so I haven't been able to try this coffee.  But I can tell you it smells amazing.  

The last product is Dark Dog, a caffeinated, lightly carbonated drink.  It's recommended to drink this chilled so I poured a little over ice to taste it.  It's a pretty vibrant shade of yellow!  I couldn't place the flavor, but it's sweet and I liked it well enough.  It says it's made with coconut water and vitamins so you can't beat that.  I only worry for the amount of caffeine because my body doesn't handle it too well so I likely won't drink this entire can.   

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