Sunday, September 10, 2017

KBShimmer; Unicorn Pee Collection

Hey guys!  Gonna make this a quick post for 2 reasons.  #1 I have a soccer game and need to leave like right now.  #2, this collection launched a few days ago and I was waiting on my package to arrive!  Well, it just arrived late in the day on Friday.  I switched these right away but have been on the go literally all weekend.  So I'm squeezing the post in now!  Unfortunately while I was waiting for my package to arrive the majority of these of these have sold out.  I'm not sure if they are coming back so let's all cross our fingers.  At this point you can still purchase Goal Digger for $12...they are all $12.  Sign up for notification when your favorite ones return and keep an eye on the KB Facebook page or any KB media outlet to find out if/when they get restocked.  Until then I'll throw my post into the ring.  Enjoy!
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Starting it off with So Jelly, which sadly is currently sold out.  This is a deep fuchsia leaning purple with color shifting shimmer.  You'll see coppery red, gold and at some extreme angles, green.  I am showing So Jelly on it's own.  It build up well in 3 coats with barely any nail line showing, just a lighter color around the edges.  Finished with topcoat.  

Goal Digger is the polish that is still available.  If you want it I suggest you don't wait and rush over to grab it.  It might even be gone now as I am tying this up.  Goal Digger is a deep teal leaning green jelly with color shifting pigment.  You'll see coppery red with gold and green shifts.  You can wear this alone or over a creme shade for different looks.  Again, I have it on alone so you can really see what this polish looks like.  So pretty, great color for the Fall (well, they all are actually).  I used 3 coats for great coverage and finished up with topcoat.  

Let's Slang is my favorite of the bunch.  It's a midnight blue, bordering blurple, with color shifting pigment.  The jelly formula is really nice, so shiny and squishy.  Let's Slang is a little richer, a little deeper in color than the last 2 shades, soil you can get away with 2 thicker coats.  But as for me, the light handed painter that I am, I used 3 thin coats and finished up with topcoat.  This one is currently out of stock.  

And last but not least is You Dew You.  It's a shimmery topper that has copper, red, gold and green shifts.  You can literally wear it over any creme for a beautiful, unicorn finish. I have it on over a deep red shade and love the rich brown look I ended up with.  A popular choice is to wear it over black.  I used 1 coat on top of my base color.  I finished up with topcoat.  This shade is currently out of stock.  

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